Homestretch moment-

We’re coming down to the homestretch now.  One week from today we move everything out, including ourselves!  These past couple of months, since we knew that we were definitely moving, has been a process of letting go for me–letting go of material possessions, letting go of the emotional ties to loved ones, and the idea of being where I could see them when I wanted.  Letting go of Tapestries of Hope…that’s been a tough one.  That has been made easier for me because I see how it has grown, and how our community of women has gotten so strong.  The connections between the daughters are there, and that is what I always envisioned.  Never was it more obvious than at our pre-Mother’s day gathering, and at my bon voyage party. At either event, I could have been happy simply sitting back and watching everyone. Whether they knew one another well or not, that wasn’t the point.  There was a common bond that was a starting point, and it just worked.  My heart has been full these past few weeks, and it is so bittersweet to leave, but it is also exciting to imagine what can be built in yet another part of the country–more groups, books to write, creativity yet to be explored!


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