Leaving NJ moments-

Leaving NJ was surprisingly difficult and the tears have been only a moment away all day–not leaving the house so much, tho there were some quick run-throughs in my mind of our good times there.  Leaving my beautiful gardens…tough one there, but I took plenty of pictures of them.  It was in that house that I found out what I was made of, and in that house that I started and ran Tapestries of Hope.  And what a strong community of women it has been–and will continue to be.  Its in good hands and will grow and meet the needs of many more daughters in the South Jersey area.

goodbye, front of our house!

In a hotel now–it wasn’t too bad a ride here to Harrisburg area.  Had some rain for awhile, but the truck held up well.  We have WAY too much stuff! When we get to IN, I think I’m going to go through things again, and filter more out.  How can two people have so much when they have already gotten rid of so much?  Its only a truck full, and a smallish truck at that, but still way too much!  The keyword to our lives now is simplify, simplify, simplify!  Its about the people in my life, not the material goods.

This mactop is still very new to me, so I’m going to see if I can load some pictures to it from today.  More later, need to chill!

Welcome to our backyard!

My mom’s garden

my brother Kysa’s garden


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