a Today moment-…

On a different subject-here’s my rant for the day:  At one of our rest stops, I saw a young girl, late teens maybe, wearing a t-shirt.  And was thoroughly appalled as to WHAT was written on her t-shirt!  Right across the front, can’t miss it, it said” talk shit,get hit”.  Now, I don’t know if that was her attitude towards people talking to her, or an acceptance of that being the way of things.  I’m sure she didn’t understand in any way how that would affect any woman of any intelligence-isn’t that what abusers always say, and what women with abusers say caused them to abuse.  I wanted to step up to her with the greatest diplomacy and ask her if she was out of her mind!  But didn’t-I”m on vacation, right? Or retired..

And where is her awareness?  Is it just me, that I had that reaction?  Wouldn’t any woman,or any man worth his salt,have the same?  I don’t know…I’m sure as I travel this country, I’ll be running into many more things that will cause me to stop and stare….


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