Traveling the PA mountains moments-

Traveling through the mountains of western PA always brings to mind how easy we have it in this day and age. I imagine how it must have been for the pioneers, wagon trains and all-at the end of the day, they had to set up a safe perimeter, a place to cook, organize everything–all we have to do is find a hotel, and the worst that happens is we don’t have an in-room fridge! Much easier!  


Handsome Husband is Hoosier born-

We’re here in Indiana, visiting my husband’s mom until Saturday. The true adventure really won’t start until Saturday when we head for KY-I haven’t seen any states south of here. We’ve had days of incredibly intense thunder and lightening storms, rain, rain, and more rain!  Looking forward to sun and warmth-

I’ve always found it humorous-when we come here to Indiana, where  Handome Husband was born and raised, he becomes all Indiana.  His speech slows to a drawl, he loses his good grammar (using don’t instead of doesn’t, things like that!).  He practically sticks a piece of straw in his mouth and props a foot on a rail! I think I’ve got a long ways to go towards losing my Jerseyness-I talk quickly, I move quickly, I think quickly -and none of that seems to fit in here. We did get to the library yesterday so I was able to get on the computer, and I found a book to read while Handsome Husband had his computer time.  This is a big change for me-no books to read on the road- and that is going to be a huge adjustment. We don’t have the room for books in the car, however, so I’ll just learn to deal with it.
When we off-loaded the truck, it became immediately apparent that the storage unit we had rented was way too small! I had visions of driving the truck around Muncie, aimlessly looking for a place to store our, as George Carlin would say, “shit”. You start to realize that maybe that really is all that most of it is!  I was almost ready to open the back of the truck up and hold a yard sale then and there.  Fortunately, there was one larger space open, and we got everything into that, and turned the truck in.  What a nightmare that could have been!
Missing all my angel sisters, thinking of Tapestries of Hope  and what’s going on, but very much realizing that life is full of changes, and this is a big one for me, and its a good one. So glad that there are so many ways to stay in touch with everyone.  My much bigger change is going to be in learning to slow down, in my thinking, and in my doing.  Indiana is a good start for me–right?

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