Being in the moment….

So many ways to stay in touch with everyone with all this technology!  I’m dying here in Indiana–its lovely, blah,blah,blah, but been here before, and am anxious to get on the way (come on, Saturday!)
I’ve also decided to be painfully honest about my experiences, delivered with a sense of humor of course!  As I’ve told (warned) my loving husband, anything is fair game to a writer…
This is going to be an adjustment for me and Handsome Husband, and a sense of humor will carry us through any tough times (at the soup kitchen, sleeping on an air mattress nite after nite and waking every time either one of us moves), trying to remember where I’ve put essential items (lotions, personal products, etc). For the past 3 days I’ve been reveling in period/menopausal migraines that persist no matter what meds I take–love that! Finally got some exercising done-my worst nightmare is the weight that I’m going to gain from lack of exercise! Here I am, looking for opportunities to exercise–the world just turned on its’ axis!
Indiana is…well, Indiana. My son calls it Cornville. The lonesome sound of a train whistle blowing in the distance is romantic and all that, until you think its 2Am, you haven’t slept yet, and how long exactly is that train that the whistle is blowing every 10 seconds? And the tracks are only 1 mile or so from the house…
We’ve had intense storms that are apparently not normal for this time of year-but the tornadoes passed
us by, thank you! For exercise we went up to the mall to walk–yes,I am a certified mall walker now!
That could be immensely discouraging to me-except that Handsome Husband and I are the youngest
ones there! I know you’ll all get a kick out of this, and I say it with respect–we had no sooner walked
in the door to the in-law’s house when she handed Handsome a pile of obits of people he knew who had
died in the last year. Gotta love that….
So much more to write, but enough for now! I’ll be in touch with all of you again, hopefully tomorrow…

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