Being in the Kentucky moment…

We’re finally out of Indiana and here in Kentucky! Gotta say, it was a bit stressful being there. I feel like an alien in so many ways, or at least a fish out of water. I’m accustomed to energy around me, mental stimulation, debate, interaction–and most of that is, unfortunately, sadly lacking there. And, honestly, you can feel the whole bible belt thing going on, and that is very alien to me! I have spent many years feeling a great spirituality in the work I do, and don’t care much for organized religion. Actually  I get the same reaction to organized religion as I do to the sound of  fingernails on a blackboard.  l’m happy for those who have it, but please don’t put it on me! Tragically,  I’ve  been surrounded by it lately. Further intensifying the experience is that there is no water pressure at the in-law’s, so you just do the best you can with stringently rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, until you realize it isn’t really working and after a while, your arms hurt, so you just say screw it and get out. Plus, there is a peculiar odor to the water–sulfur–the whole rotten egg thing,so you have to hold your breath when you take a shower,and you can only do that for so long, and you don’t want any of it to get in your mouth, so you just get out with a film of soap on your body and a film of shampoo in your hair.  Oh, the joys of in-law visiting…
We were sleeping on an air mattress-positioned in the only place it would fit,which was up against the sleeper sofa,which,thank goodness,we weren’t sleeping on (remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine slept on one at Jerry’s parents house and she had to go into traction almost? Well, same thing here). So we slept on the air mattress, next to the sleeper sofa, and everytime we moved, it banged against the sofa, which then banged against the door, which would knock against the frame–you catch my drift. And if it kept knocking against the door, would the in-law think we were up to no good on that air mattress? Without going into gory detail, do I need to even discuss having, how shall I put it, normal marital relations while at the in-laws? It just is NOT going to happen! I’m sure you can all relate.

So here we are in Kentucky–we travelled through southern IN today, and it was beautiful, with rolling hillsides, Southern style homes, very pretty. Very much bible belt again–we got prayed over twice today. I would very likely be considered one of the ones to be prayed for by many strict religions (I am equal opportunity irreverant!), so I’m happy to give anyone the opportunity to pray for me. To switch back to yesterday, and Indiana, I get the whole elderly thing, bless their hearts, and the thing with being ill as you get older or things happen to you. But after visiting various ill/elderly relatives, and discussing cholesterol, knee surgeries, catheters, various bloody things that made me queasy, etc, I told Handsome Husband that he and I are allowed no more than two minutes a day to discuss any health issues when we’re on our own, and that’s it.

So, no more visiting relatives of varying degrees for a few weeks–Handsome Husband told me yesterday that he is taking me to Graceland for my 51st bday! I have long been an Elvis fan, having seen him in his last concert in ’76, at the Spectrum in Philly, where, and don’t be too jealous here, I got one of his SWEAT-STAINED SCARVES! Hold me up, girls, I’m fainting! I may have made the ultimate mistake earlier this evening when I informed a very nice man, who is VERY southern religious, when he invited me to church tomorrow, that I was going to have my own religious experience when I visit Elvis at Graceland. Oops!

So, beautiful evening, enjoyable company, and here I am at our hotel with the man I love more than anything, on our grand adventure, state shopping to figure out where to settle! I hope all of you are well–I think of you often, and carry you with me…..


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