An Elvis birthday, and Memphis moment…

I spent all of today being what I call a touron–a tourist in Elvis land!  Handsome Husband brought me to Memphis, Tennessee as a birthday gift, and we have spent these two days living large. We came in from Kentucky yesterday, and are staying in a very nice Days Inn, right across the street from Graceland. It was surprising to me-Graceland is right in the middle of a strip of kind of run down looking fast food joints and stores. Its set way back up from the road, it has those beautiful musical note gates at the entrance, a sloping yard, and is old Southern style architecture.


We did all the posing tourons do, I bought a couple of shirts with guitars or Elvis on them (pink of course!), and enjoyed myself thoroughly! Elvis radio plays around the clock, including at our hotel, and the pool is in the shape of a guitar. I’m eating all of this up of course. I saw Elvis in Philly at the old Spectrum on his last tour before his death in ’77 (boy, that dates me!)

the pool outside our room

More importantly, and this merits a new paragraph–Elvis was in Ft Hood, TX, new to the Army, when I was born there in 1958. Yes, folks, I myself am practically a celebrity because of that, and aren’t you all just so impressed? My dad, who was stationed there at Ft Hood, remembers knowing whenever Elvis was around because  all you had to do was follow the sound of all the girls screaming and shrieking! He told me yesterday though, that he remembers  Elvis was well respected there because he didn’t ask for special favors.
So, a great birthday–my husband is a bag of chips and all that! Tomorrow we’re going to head west and then south, turning our Saturn in the direction of Texas. Don’t know how long it will take to get there-we’re taking our time and seeing the country. This is tremendously exciting, seeing the country like this-and who better to do that with than the man I love!
So, all you folks, try not to be too envious that I have walked where Elvis walked! I can only share the pictures and give you an idea of what it was like-did you hear me fainting? I saw the uniform he wore in the Army, both his fatigues and the one where he wore a brown jacket called an Eisenhower jacket, and that hunka hunka burning man had a VERY nice set of shoulders! Sigh, be still, my heart! Our hotel room has pictures of Elvis all over, and I apologized ahead of time to Handsome Husband if I was distracted and didn’t pay him the usual amount of attention, but I was sure he would understand. As we were out and about through the day, I was singing along to all of the Elvis songs–and he has just been accepting of the whole thing. l did try to talk him into buying an Elvis jumpsuit, but cost notwithstanding, he passed on the invite, and also said no to the belt buckle and ballcap. Ah, well, I suppose it is up to me to carry on the Elvis love, and I will do that with my two new shirts….
I’ll catch up with, as I suppose I’m now supposed to say, y’all in the next day or so. I love comments on the pictures-it makes me feel closer to all of you, or, once again, y’all!   

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