Being in the moment in Louisiana!

Hi y’all! (it is now REQUIRED that I address you that way!)
Handsome Husband and I are having some down time outside of Shreveport, LA. Our actual location, which is not a secret, is that we are at Barksdale AFB. We got here yesterday, and Handsome  sweet-talked his way into getting us into the VOQ (visiting officer’s quarters) instead of VAQ (visiting airmens’ quarters). This may not sound big to any of y’all, but the fact is, he was a NON-COM while active duty (non-commissioned officer). Which means he was one of the ones who ran the show for the actual officers but didn’t have the rank. So, TECHNICALLY, we ought to be in VAQ’s, but he went on and on about how tired his lovely wife was, and the number  of bags he would have to carry, and he put on some southern charm (which he is entitled to use as he is from IN), and got us in. We have a very nice room, equipped with a fridge, microwave, dvd player w/tv, a decent bathroom, extra fans (its 95 degrees here), a laundry room around the corner that we can use for free, plus we can use all the base facilities. So we walked over to the base gym this AM and I got on the treadmill. Can you believe I actually want to exercise these days? I so don’t want to end up looking like a truck driver by the time this is done (bless their hearts!). But all that sitting can add the weight, don’t you agree?
I do feel a particular ease in staying on a military base. The settings are familiar, the language is familiar, it is self-contained (you don’t even need to go off-base if you don’t want). There is both a sense of security and we do save money, and you can’t beat that combo!
We, or should I say, I, said a sad goodbye to Elvis and Memphis yesterday–the all day sound of his sweet voice singing “Love Me Tender” outside my hotel room, me sitting at the guitar shaped pool, swooning as I hummed along. Goodbye, Elvis! Long live the King–and onward to Louisiana via Arkansas. What can I say about Arkansas, other than it is NOT pronounced the way it is spelled? You don’t say “Ar–Kansas”. It is “Ar–kan-saw”, though why I don’t know, other than they need to do something to be recognized! We came in from the East and headed South, and all I can say is “UGLY!” Though, as Handsome Husband told me, that is because that part of the state is all part of the Mississippi flood plain, accounting for its barren, brown…..brown-ness.
Sorry, a break for a rant–just heard on the news that BO has ordered that the Gitmo terrorists are to be read their Miranda rights. Did I hear that right? Yes, I did! Let me just have a moment here to clear the blood from my bleeding eyeballs, and I’ll get back to things. Breathe,breathe….ok. Back again….
Ultimately we were welcomed into Louisiana–and the area immediately before it in Arkansas–all reminded me of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, surprisingly enough. Some pretty flowers but not much else. So,here we are now at Barksdale, which is right outside of Boosier City. Not much to look at off-base in the immediate vicinity, and it closes down by 7pm–everything closes down, so have what you need. We ventured off-base to find some food, and figured we were probably in the wrong area of town when we saw a sign for bail bondsmen!
I relaxed with some Ben and Jerry this afternoon, we got some laundry done, and I’m going to attempt, once again, to reorganize and repack our car. I try that anew every morning, hoping that this time it might work and the contents won’t explode outward when we open the door. No great expectations there, but its worth a try!
We’ll be continuing our southward journey tomorrow, heading in the general direction of Texas. We do plan on spending some time in San Antonio as I would very much like to see the Alamo! I grew up reading stories of Davy Crockett and his exploits there, and I want to see where that history happened. I’ll have an eventual report for you from there. In the meanwhile, I’ll catch up with y’all from wherever I happen to be at the moment…stay tuned!


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