a Texas state of mind~

Is Texas a state of mind?  If one is born in one place, leaves, and returns many,many, years later, is there a natural born affinity for that place?  Good question, and who knows what the answer might be? I can tell you, I love Texas! We have been here for a few days now, and not even covered much of the state–it is indeed huge! As we’ve driven through the state, I have felt my mind and my lungs opening up–I feel like I’m able to breathe. The sky is wide open, and as blue as can be-and it goes on forever. I saw my first REAL cowboy today–a guy on a horse, wearing a cowboy hat and boots-does life get any better? My first dust devil–a mini dirt tornado, springing from the dry ground–it is dry here in the hill country, and the wind blows endlessly.  I told Handsome Husband that we could anchor a kite to the ground (we love kite-flying), and leave it, and it would fly endlessly because of the wind. This constant wind would probably drive some people crazy but I like it. AND, what is the name of the song that has in it “where the deer and the antelope play”? Well, I saw antelope playing….well, not actually playing….they were standing still….but they were antelope, right out there in the unending waves of low-growing mesquite and sage. Tonight I’ll step outside our hotel room and see if the stars at night really are big and bright (clap, clap, clap), deep in the heart of Texas! Because we are deep in the very heart of Texas–and though it is still hill country, its different from the Eastern part of hill country.

Perhaps I’ve fallen in love with the romance of the West-there is a real sense of independence here.  The flag is on display everywhere, and by flag, I mean the Texas state flag.  Of course you see the American flag also, but most often the Texas state flag is right beside it.  I think back to the original settlers who came out this way, and picture one of them sitting on his horse as he came over the hill, and saying “Holy hell,Batman!  Does this state never end?”  The land does really go on forever.

So, this immediate part of the state doesn’t appeal to us-we prefer the hill country between Austin and San Antonio.  We’ll return to that area at some point and, in the meanwhile, we’ll research housing prices on the internet. (research is just so much easier these days with google, isn’t it?) I did have an intense moment of people sickness this afternoon-just missing everyone, and my life with Tapestries of Hope.  But life is about learning to let go, isn’t it?  And that’s what I’m practicing with Tapestries, and my old life.

Next is Alamogordo, New Mexico, and then Las Cruces.  We’ll see what those areas look like for settling down, but I’m pretty sold on Texas.  There are so many places to explore in this country, and I think we’ll be on the road for a long while yet, as neither of us seems anxious to settle.

Vaya con Dios, y’all!


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