A meditative moment~

On the way to uptown Sedona, from the village at Oak Creek, you can take a turn to the right, there is a road that will lead you into the Red Rocks. Park your car, and look up above, and you’ll see the starkly simple Chapel of the Holy Cross. The ramp that leads to it is winding, and you will come upon small gardens that are tucked into the sides. What makes it so stunning is that you are surrounded, you are IN the red rocks….
I’ve visited this chapel each time I’m here in Sedona. The window behind the altar looks out at the natural wonders of creation–and if you step to the edge, near the back, AND you have vertigo, it can get it going! The heights and drops will get your adrenalin racing through your body.
As in many chapels, there are rows of candles that you can light in memory of…and I lit one in memory of all of our moms and said a prayer too, for Jess Boykin and her team who are crewing the Avon walk for the Cure this weekend in Denver. Its very moving to read the inscriptions under each candle-the one that always chokes me up says “isn’t this beautiful, mom?”
There was an Indian family visiting when I was there, and I watched as each of them exited the chapel, stood at the center of a circle of bricks on a mosaic tile of a dove, and meditated for a few minutes. There is a sense of peace there, whatever your faith. It gave me a chance to slow down and truly be in the moment.  

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