A changing moment…

We went hiking yesterday to Bell Rock.

contemplating the climb..

I didn’t get as far to the top as I would have liked-I have a terrible fear of heights and it was getting a bit steep for me. In those moments, I stop to consider-am I trying to prove something to myself or to others? How far do I need to go in an attempt to overcome my fear? Do I NEED to overcome my fear? After all, isn’t it a choice to go climbing? And how often am I going to need to scale such heights in a physical way? In any case, I got about half way up, then decided to sit it out while the others continued. But it was while I was sitting it out that I had some thoughts about my life in the last month, and how I’ve already changed so much…

Our belongings are sitting in a storage unit back in Indiana, to be retrieved when we decide that we are done with traveling and have found a place to settle down. So far, as I’ve said before, top of the list is the hill country of Texas. That part of Texas, this part of the country, holds a vastly different feeling than that of the East coast. Yes,there are cities here and there, and the people there are just as rushed as all other cities. But there is a wildness out here, a spaciousness, that makes me think differently. And, as I contemplate our belongings there in Indiana, I consider that we need to have another yard sale prior to moving our stuff anywhere, because I don’t want or need all that is enclosed in that unit. I think of the clothing I packed away and realize I’m not the same person who packed them up. As I was packing, of course I got rid of the business type clothes mostly, but I think of the few pairs of heels that I saved, some of the fancy boots, and my first thought is that I can’t imagine ever wearing them again. I want sandals and cowboy boots, or something of the type! And nylons? Sooo not happening ever again! How about jeans and boots from now on? I go on to think about even the bed linens and stuff for decorating the house–lots of it the Shabby Chic that I so love. And I still think its beautiful, but I no longer want the pale colors around me….I want VIVID! I want jewel tones! I want colors that reflect all the excitement and joy of my new life…
Changes…I practice daily being open to changes, looking forward to changing. This is a whole new life for me…one where there aren’t any hard and fast plans for the future. I am being in the moments of each day, soaking them up, taking heart pictures in the moments that can never truly be captured with a camera. It feels good, and I’m so very glad that Handsome Husband and I were willing to take the chance to do this, willing to make the trade-offs of financial security and physical security, to grab at life and get out of that rat race. This life we have together now is bonding us even more strongly-we are finally getting the time together that we have always wanted, and we are making all of our moments count, and creating memories both for and with each other.

Handsome Husband


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