Too much thinking moment~

In traveling around this country, just the little bit I’ve seen so far, a thought strikes me constantly. The states I’ve been in so far, here in the Southwest especially, are BIG! And there are so many parts of each state that are vastly different from the parts already seen. Texas went from hill country, soothing to the eyes, some green, low-growing mesquite and pine, to flat and ugly down near the border. And then pretty again as we headed to New Mexico. We came into New Mexico from the East–UGLY with a capital U!  Who knew that part of the state was a long road with oil wells as far as the eye could see? And the stench! of sulphur for miles…only to turn pretty again as we approached Arizona, and went into the mountains–absolute beauty. Which turned into the red rock area of Sedona, which is completely different from 45 minutes north into Flagstaff, which is busy, much cooler, and has snow regularly. Leaving this morning to head into northern AZ, and the Navajo reservation, which has a beauty of its’ own in parts, but looks much like a stone quarry would back East. Once again, ugly, and it gave me some understanding of why any native Americans would be pissed at the white man for shoving him off into this godforsaken area where it is nothing but HARD living, and miles away from ANYWHERE in a very serious way,and how on earth can anyone make a living? Then it gradually changed again to pretty, then ugly around the Four Corners area of CO, then pretty into Cortez, green mountains, gentle hills, and the beauty of the mountains as we came into Durango. So, my thought is: each part of a state, each part of the country, has its’ own terrain, its’ own geography, its’s own weather, and this necessarily makes the people different. The cities and/or towns, are far apart, most often people are very far away from law enforcement and that gives me an understanding of the need and desire to own guns–you have to know how to take care of yourself and your family. The biggest question I have is: how on earth can all of our differences necessitated by the vastly different places we all live in, be overcome by everyone, to the point where we can find enough common ground to have agreement? It gives me pause to be awed by the fact that our founding fathers were able to accomplish anything, never mind anyone who came after them. I’d always read how vast this country is-now I”m seeing it, and it is a bit of a shock to the system to realize it in fact. Without sounding too dramatic about it, I am awed at the fact that we have ONE country here. Yes, there are differences in thought, and disagreements, but ultimately, we have one country, and one government, and that is not to be dismissed lightly…
Sorry for the soapbox-this country does that to me!

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