a sinning in Vegas moment~

It was a great relief for me to slide into Las Vegas the other day!  I’d pretty much had my fill of the whole nature thing-all lovely, but I really needed some city stuff. The first nite there, Handsome Husband and I stayed at Nellis AFB, in a lovely suite of rooms right across from the Air Force Warfare Center. Full bdrm, large bath, and a sitting room/kitchen. They even gave us soooo soft robes to wear, just like in a grand hotel! What I loved especially was that, while I was sitting on the steps outside, waiting for our laundry to be done, and catching up on phone calls, over the base sound system came the sound of retreat, on bugle, for the end of the day. Very soothing to me! And, periodically, the roar of F-16s overhead-an airshow just for me–Nellis is the home of the Thunderbirds.

Alas, we were only able to score rooms for one night, but the next two nights were equally wonderful at South Point resort, just off the strip. We were upgraded to a gorgeous room on the 24th floor (once again, what is it with heights out here?). Soft golden tones to the paint, fleur-di-lis carpeting,a canopied bed–what’s not to love? Not that we spent much time there.  The thing is, we all hear about what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas-its all over, on signs, on TV ads, on t-shirts. And I kept saying to the dear man in my life, that we HAD to think of something that would have to stay in Vegas! We tried, we really did, but I am here to share with you, dear readers, that we have nothing to report that has to stay there. I mulled over the 10 Commandments in my head, trying to think of a minor one that we could break, just to keep things exciting, but….no luck. Sinning takes an awful lot of energy, and I just am not quite up to it. I did have some guy stop me on the street, trying to sell us something. Blah, blah, he would give us $100 for gambling if we would devote an hour of our time to something….and when I told him we don’t gamble, he asked if it was for religious reasons, and I said no, it was because I was attached to my money. I am soooo immune to sell jobs-I don’t like pop culture, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble….how can I sin? There’s nothing for me! My worst thing I do is indulge in a diet pepsi now and again, or eat chocolate. Yes, I’m boring…I know that! We thoroughly enjoyed Vegas, the bright lights, the whole nine yards. I was conned into buying one of those silk wraps which are completely beautiful, and come with instructions as to the many ways they can be tied, but, after spending an hour trying, all I can do is tie it around my waist. So, I believe I got screwed on that-trying to read the directions makes me feel like I’m taking that 3-D test from school. That was the worst of the whole trip there!

So, I’m sorry. Nothing to report. No sinning, no gambling, nothing that has to stay there. I can freely answer any questions from anyone.  But we did have a fun time, and I’m glad I experienced Vegas.  At the moment, I’m writing to you from Bakersfield, CA.  Here overnight, then onwards to Sequoia National Park tomorrow, and San Fran for the weekend.  Here’s some pictures for you-what a wonderful country, and how blessed I am to be seeing it!

With Wayne, an Air Force buddy of Handsome Husband’s


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