Synchronicity***when the odds of something happening are so out of whack that you can’t believe it has actually happened.  But it did.

Example: Handsome Husband and I are traveling towards Savannah, GA, and decide to stop for lunch in Mt Pleasant, GA, not even looking at what the name of the town was. And then we decide to take a walk around an outside shopping mall to stretch our legs before continuing our trip. AND, as we are walking around, enjoying the sunshine, we hear Handsome’s name being called. AND, we turn around, and THERE, behind us, are our friends from DE, whom we stopped to visit a few weeks ago! They were on their way to FL, with some friends, and had stopped in Mt. Pleasant, GA, to have some coffee and take a break. SO, not only did we get a chance to visit very unexpectedly with Bill and Mary Jo, we met new friends, Phil and Karen, their friends who are traveling WITH them, who JUST happen to be from Myrtle Beach, WHERE we just spent the last two days….


Mary Jo and Bill


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