Just have to say this~

I love starting the morning with watching lousy tap-dancing! Did anyone ever see such dancing around as Napolitano trying to explain the failure on every level, of this latest terrorist attempt? She said everything worked the way it was suppposed to! NO, it didn’t! The only thing that worked was the PASSENGERS who responded, and the air crew! And Geithner followed up the performance with his own dance–no response to WHY the terrorist’s father’s warnings to the embassy were ignored. Only reason this wasn’t a horrible event was that the fuse failed!  First terrorism attempt on BO’s watch, and he FAILED. Are we surprised? And WHERE is the pres? Vacationing in Hawaii! I get that he gets briefings, but it looks bad. WHY isn’t he back in WA firing people left and rightfor their failures to keep this from happening? WHY are they just now steppingup security procedures? SHOULDN’T those procedures have ALREADY been in place? Oh, my bad–I called it terrorism instead of the global exercise in something, something. SORRY! DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!


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