Hi y’all!

Once again, I am required to say y’all, seeing as I am in the southern regions of this great country of ours (and I say great still, in spite of our idiot gov’t, and many of the people of this country who are less than smart–you know, the whole unwashed masses thing).

Sooo, I guess y’all just didn’t get the memo? As of today, Handsome Husband and I have been on the road for 7 months (shy of a few days). When we left the not-so-great state of NJ (our friends are great, and the flowers in the spring at least in our part were great, but much else, not so much!), we thought we were going to maybe spend a few months traveling, up to a year tops. We thought we would check out Texas and settle there at a forsee-able time (I am aware that I didn’t spell that word correctly).

Lately–in fact, more and more, we have been kind of getting looks of surprise and uncertainty from people when we respond to their question of “So, when are you settling down?” with “ummm, not settling down. Liking what we’re doing. Plan on doing it for, oh, years!” I don’t think anyone really knows what to do with that information. Aren’t we tired of living in a hotel? What about roots? What about community? How are you eating? Aren’t you tired of eating crap? My oh my, bless their hearts, the questions just go on and on!

The thing is, we already did the roots thing, the community thing. And the fact is, we DO have a community! What are you, new? Technology is our friend! We are so in touch with the world-emails, text, phone calls, facebook-you name it, baby, and we’re doing it! And I myself don’t feel the need for roots-did all of that already. This is the time when we are stretching our boundaries, stretching our wings, having adventures, meeting new people! What’s not to like about what we’re doing? There does seem to be some concern that I, especially, as a species known as “female” ought not to enjoy the whole hotel thing. Well, here it is, fellow females–I haven’t cooked since lord knows when (and I LIKE it that way!). I haven’t done housework since May 29, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to be doing it again any time soon, and I REALLY like that. I do laundry, and yes, oftentimes it is at a laundromat, but who cares? The time spent doing laundry is time spent calling family and friends on the phone, or getting in touch on the computer. We oftentimes purchase food at a grocery, so we manage to eat fairly well, or we go out (and what’s not to like about that?). Pretty much everywhere we go either has an exercise room, so we stay healthy with that, and if it doesn’t, we have Jillian Michaels dvd for working out, and hand weights that we carry with us so I can stay firm (ok, so I can get firm!). I like the fact that I have so little in the way of material possessions to be concerned with (dangling participle, yes?) What I need I carry in my raspberry pink suitcase–2 pairs jeans, 2 pairs capris, 3 pairs shorts, bathing suit, lots of tops, red silk polka dot pj’s, 1 pair work boots, 1 pair sandals, 1 sneakers, and my particular indulgence of my knee high brown suede fringed hippie boots (and THOSE are THE item that have been most commented upon in every state we go to!). I manage to color my hair to keep it beautiful, moisturize my complexion, and stay, generally speaking, well-groomed. I am NOT letting myself go! 

I travel with my laptop, my cell phone, IPOD, a notebook, some crossword puzzle books-and I am able to expand my creative instincts in writing with my laptop, in addition to keeping the website for Tapestries of Hope (I am the Volunteer director for TOH).

Here’s a day: we get up whenever we want (depending on checkout time, unless we’re staying at a place for a few days, in which case, we’ll exercise first thing). I take my leisure in getting ready, and then we go visit a pre-planned local site, or we just wander and find things. We hike sometimes, depending where we are, we generally end up at least walking quite a bit, we talk to the locals, we connect with all kinds of people along the way.

The big thing? I get to spend AS Much Time as I want with the man I love more than anything–can life get any better? No, I’m not tired of being in his company. Every so often we go off and do our own thing, but, mainly, we LIKE being together-imagine such a thing- if it doesn’t make your eyes cross TO imagine it! Yes, folks out there in TV land, here’s a couple who truly admire one another, who appreciate their time together! Are we ready to yet join Ripley’s Believe it or Not? What DO we talk about 7 months later? Hmm–weather, definitely-what is it going to be at our final destination, what is it like now as far as driving is concerned? But wait, it gets more interesting! We discuss philosophy (our own, and the world’s). Current news–and oftentimes I will go on a rant about something just heard or read (so you can check in with Handsome Husband to see if HE’s tired of traveling with me!). The state of the world, people we just met, who we anticipate meeting, family news (sometimes family gossip), where we want to be tomorrow, how much we DON’T want to settle down, all the stuff two people might otherwise discuss, its just that WE’RE doing it in a car–

We love this life, folks! We plan on doing this as long as we can, and, catch your breath here, even if something should happen to one of us (and, yes, I mean one or the other of us pre-deceasing the other, as in, yes, dying,) WOULD the Left Behind One, continue on? Well….yes. There is still so much to see, so much to do! For all my friends of the female persuasion-this is NOT a hardship for me! Word up–I love my husband, I love my life with him, we are having fun! Life is short, and I’m grabbing it by the shorthairs, if you catch my drift. Things could change on a dime, I’m well aware of that, and if and when it does, I will respond. THIS is the part of my life where I don’t HAVE to be responsible, and it is my intention to S-T-R-E-T-C-H my comfort zones and my boundaries as far as I can, with the man I love beside me. So, rest easy, all y’all–life is good! Any questions?  


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