a state of amazement moment~

The man I love and I have been on the road for 16 months now.  I stopped to think about that the other day.  Sometimes my mind goes to what I’m missing (home-made meals, my network of friends, more pink around me), but then I stop and think, my god, look what I’ve gained!  We were with our daughter and her in-laws when we first got here to Medford OR, and catching them up on our travels.  


After awhile, I suddenly thought to myself “good god, the stories we have to tell at this point!” (not, mind you, that everyone necessarily wants to HEAR those stories!)  The thing is, I have so many stories in me at this point already, after this time, of all the places we have seen, what we have learned, what we KNOW now, that I didn’t know before.  My brain is practically over-FLOWING with stories!  When I’m on the phone with friends and family, and get the question “Where are you?”, it pretty much takes me some time, especially if we’ve been on the road daily, to figure out not only what STATE we’re in, but what town we’re in, the time zone, etc.  That’s not unexpected, I’m sure-after awhile, THOSE details can get jumbled.  What I can ALWAYS tell anyone, and what I mention to my most loved husband frequently, as we stand at some National Park, looking out over some incredible vista, is that mostly I’m in the state of Amazement.   Handsome Husband is one of those people who thrives on number tracking and organization (definitely NOT my strong suit!), and actually compiled our last 16 months: we have, during the last 16 months and 8 days,  traveled in 45 states; stayed at 81 hotels, inns, b&b’s, or extended stay residences, 16 military facilities, and 7 private homes; and taken 14,766 pictures.  How can I NOT be in a state of Amazement with that?  How many other people are able to do this?  Yes, there are many people who DREAM of doing this, or would like to do this when they think of it, but, for many reasons, just don’t.  And we are-how incredible is that?!  It does take a certain kind of mind-set, absolutely.  You have to be okay with not having a lot of possessions around you-check.  Living simply is good-less to worry about.  You have to be okay with not having a home-port-check.  I have learned to be at home wherever I am.  Now, having said that, I might NOT be so okay if I didn’t have all this technology to keep me in touch with everyone.  I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the pioneers way back: when they left in their wagon trains,  that was pretty much it, especially early on before there was mail.  Honestly, between my blog, facebook (2 of them), cell phones, skype, texting, you name it-we are hardly ever out of touch with someone we love, and that works for me!  Because at the same time, we’re out here exploring this country, and having adventures, and building our marriage even stronger-what’s not to love about this, I ask you!! 


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