a changing my thinking moment~

I can’t nail this down to one moment, or one event, that happened. But what I realized today, while I was out virtuously exercise walking, was that I have changed A LOT in these past almost 17 months of being out on the road. Now, these changes might well have happened even had we stayed in NJ. Some changes obviously would have happened, because that is what growing and maturing entails. But I do believe that some of that has come about because of the life we’re leading. We’re not leading the ordinary life anymore, and that has led me to open up in so many ways.  I am seeing that there are so many “ways” imposed on us (the royal us as in human us) socially, not for any particular reason, that I can see at least. So those “ways” are being shed, and I’m thinking, why the hell did I ever impose that on myself? I’m thinking more about pretty much everything I’ve ever known, and then saying, “does that work for me? and WHY do I think that way?  Is it an actual belief of mine, from my heart, or is it something that is socially imposed?” Am I becoming a hippie? A revolutionary? a misfit? (can’t see that ever happening, though maybe some of my thinking is already out there (more on that later)…

Shedding old thinking is much easier than shedding pounds, but I do feel lighter, as if even the old thoughts were making me heavier.  And I’m only this long into our new life-who knows where I’ll be by the time we finish this wandering?  Stay tuned, I can feel some new thinking brewing in my brain as I write…

“she flies with her own wings”


One thought on “a changing my thinking moment~

  1. The nomadic lifestyle itself…..the act of living in a constant state of motion must certainly have an effect on one's mentality and perspective on life and it's structure. Constant change…so many new things and growth only naturally encourages one to view their world through a similar lens, breaking through old barriers and ways of thinking. And of course, the question of "why". Why did I believe that? Why did I live like that?It is interesting, when you have come to that point and look at others and the patterns they move in–similar to the ones you used moved in, and yet they don't share your fresh perspective of the world or challenge it like you. It is liberating, isn't it?

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