seeing what is moments, no matter what~

Here is what it has been like for me since arriving in NJ on Friday to the news that my dear friend Rhoda had died before I could see her.  And here is why I am getting through this, even more filled with gratitude for my life.

I was picked up at the airport by Alisa, Charlene and Christina, 3 of my TOH daughters. They took me to an already planned evening, where I was surrounded by more daughters who helped me through the initial shock, and grieved with me.  At the end of the evening, exhausted and numb, my friend Natalie, who had sat with Rhoda the previous day, took me home with her, and her family embraced me with their love, and I stayed with them for the first few days.  Yesterday, Natalie drove me here where I am now and where I’ll stay until Handsome Husband arrives from across the country.  We call it “Georgia’s Place” and it belongs to one of our TOH daughters, (whom I call my angel sisters)-my friend Diana.  It was her mom’s condo and she graciously extends an invitation for us to stay here when we are in NJ.  Since I arrived, I have been receiving texts, phone calls and emails from friends of my husband, offering their support, their love, a ride to wherever I need (I am without a car, of course!), offers of meals, coffee meets, hugs, whatever I need.  They are reaching out, so many of them.  In the midst of all these feelings of sadness, I am reminded again of the love that surrounds me in NJ, in my community.  I feel that love, and, what is more, I feel the love of my husband, who is so very far away, because I know damned well he has been on the phone to everyone he knows here in this state that has such a bad rep, casually, or maybe not, letting them know that the woman he loves is here on her own, without a car, and grieving, and could they just check in on me…which makes it not at all less authentic, it makes it all that more endearing.  I am loved, and I am blessed, and I am not alone, and I am aware of all these moments that make up my life, that are the most important moments of my life…  


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