gratitude and Thanksgiving moments~

What I have learned in these last 17 months of leaving, letting go, learning to open up, loving more than I have ever loved:  life really is about the people.  The people in my life, the people who make up my community, have been with me every step of the way, no matter how far away I go.  Their love for me, mine for them, my connected-ness to them, is present as I am standing on high cliffs staring out at incredible vistas, climbing over rocks in a desert terrain,  bouncing over uneven prairie grasses, gazing in awe at a piercingly blue western sky that goes on forever, weaving its’ way to the far reaches of this country to the hearts of my loved family/friends.  And this strong and lasting love is most present with the love of my life, my adventurous traveling companion who brings such beauty and romance to my life-Handsome Husband.  Happy Thanksgiving to all those I love, to all those who love me!


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