friends for the soul~

Sunday, and Handsome  Husband felt the need to get out of the house, following our surgery adventures on Friday.  Or maybe he was thinking of me, and how social I am, and thinking that the distraction would be good for me.  In any event, we ended up going over to see our friends Bruce and Mary Ann.  In all the times since we hit the road traveling, whenever we return to NJ, they have always invited us over for a home-cooked meal (love them for that!), and we would share some of our travel adventures with them.  They, and their home, and their grown sons, are so very welcoming-theirs is the house where neighbors can gather.

It wasn’t anything special, which is what made it so nice.  We watched bits and pieces of the game that was on (football, but don’t ask me anything about it, as I have no understanding of the game, and its all I can do to remember which team is playing).  I showed Mary Ann my hoop, and she tried it out, and became a “hoopvert”, we watched our youngest daughter Rae’s newest hoop video that she had posted, were properly envious, and swore that we could do that someday too!  Just-fun…

true family

A simple supper of tacos, a little discussion of what is going on with Handsome Husband, so much love and support-these are the things that matter so much to me.  Yes, food can bring people together at a table, but the true nourishment comes from the love that is so present at a table when friends sit together.  And, when we left, tight hugs that left us still wrapped in their love and warmth, even as we walked out into the frigid cold.  No matter how any of this turns out, it is these friends, and all of our other friends, who will surround us in that same warmth, and, that, people, is what will make our days continue joyfully…


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