a Vally day thought…

So, I’m hoping to soon be able to announce that “Wilson has left the building!” (never to return).  This twice daily radiation is working on the little bastard, and it is still going to be a long haul, but there is a positive end in sight.  In the meanwhile, we’ve met some very nice people in the radiation waiting room, and I personally (and I know Handsome Husband too), have complete gratitude. Yes, this is unexpected, unwanted, but omygod, not life-threatening, and there are soooo many others that we see who are facing the worst with their cancer. We don’t know how many surgeries he will face- certainly one, maybe two, who knows three-as they reconstruct his wrist area after removing Wilson, but it can all be done.

On a complete side note: it has ended up being an interesting social experiment, naming Handsome Husband’s tumor.  It was a necessary sense of humor that led me to do such a thing, but it has really ended up, I think, being helpful to everyone around us.  It gives a non-threatening way to refer to it, and it has removed some of the fear that necessarily happens when the word “cancer” is heard.  And that works for me too…

Here we are, me and this man I love more than life itself-sitting in the family waiting room high on the 9th floor at UPenn. The Philadelphia skyline is right outside the window. Far down below us we can see an old Jewish cemetery, and all of the ant-like people and cars rushing around.  This is a good place to come while we wait out the time between treatments-comfortable chairs, friendly people, internet access.  It is, though, the last place I ever expected to spend Valentines day!  We are the absolute, to the bone, example, me and my dude, of how life happens when you’re making other plans.  Had our plans played out, we’d be somewhere in the Southwest still, and I think of that often.  But, life does happen so here we are, and what matters most is that we are together, and I can’t ask for anything more than that.  This year, on the Hallmark day of the color red (pink for me), chocolates, hearts, cards-all the detritus of V day, what is even more tangible for me is the love personified around us.  I love my husband more than I ever have; this Wilson thing has solidified and deepened our love.  But it goes even further than that-it is our kids, and our families, and our friends who are like family to us, and the wide community of peeps that we have who have shown us in so many ways their love for us-from Bruce and Mary Ann, to Sue and Mike, Carrie and Mike, Natalie, Diana, every one of my angel sisters,  Dr Garberman and the nurses in his office,  the people here at UPenn-the list is truly endless, much as their love is.  This has been a time of having the right people put in our path to help us through what could be a horrible nightmare.  Since the day Handsome was diagnosed and Wilson made his appearance, it has been nothing but love, and that love is returned to everyone of you from us…Happy Valentines Day!


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