oh, the moments…

This has been a good month.  We’ve traveled from Jersey to Vermont to New Hampshire, and, in the process, spent time with our kids and grandkids, some of my siblings, and lots of friends.  There has been an unexpected memorial service for an uncle of mine, and a chance to catch up with long-lost cousins, a birthday party for our older son that we were so happy to be able to celebrate, a meet up with a friend from my past whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years, and, most happily, a zoned out time from the recent cancer and surgeries.  Its been good, and it was time much needed for both of us! The kids were able to see their dad, okay again, and reassured that all was well. We connected with our two grandkids and made more memories with them.  I loved every second of every day!

Now we’re headed back to NJ, and Handsome Husband’s final surgery on June 14.  It won’t be a long surgery, thank god-under two hours. And it will return his lower arm to normal appearance-for me, that will be a sure sign that the cancer is gone. Handsome Husband has been working diligently on his hand, which is still quite swollen and stiff, a result of the scarring from the massive radiation he underwent.  Last night we learned something new about all of this-on the suggestion of our older son, whom we call Snads, my husband applied lavender oil topically.  Let me preface this by saying-yes, I’m a firm believer in homeopathy, natural remedies, etc.  But this was, I consider, freakish.  It was within mere moments of application of this lavender oil that Handsome was able to open/close his hand, without accompanying stiffness, for the first time since the surgery. And the swelling is down.  I don’t pretend to be able to understand any of this-all I know is what I see, and what I see is a difference, in appearance and movement.  Freaky in every way!

So, final surgery in a few weeks-busy until then getting everything done so that we can leave on June 27, after his final follow-up, and start heading West!  Can I hear an “amen!” from everyone who is excited about that?  Here’s a huge one from me! AMEN!


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