my Academy "thank you" moment..

I would like to thank the Academy…..what’s that you say?  Oh, this isn’t the awards ceremony where I claim my prize for “Holy Shit, What a Year its’ Been?”  Oh, sorry. Well, I have something to say anyways.  Here goes:

Spell “Community“.  Could you use that in a sentence please?  “Community” noun, plural -ties.  A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.”

I’m here to say thank you to our community. Mine and Handsome Husband’s, and ours together.  On Monday, we two, as “Happily Homeless” are heading out on the road again!  The level of excitement that is beating within me is almost as intense as the anxiety that enveloped me when I would change Handsome’s surgical sites, but very much more and obviously, a much better feeling!  For the past week, I’ve been ruminating on what to say, and how to say, thank you. 

Here is my definition of community:  “a group of people whom we knew were our friends, who, when we faced a major crisis, banded together, and enveloped us in their hearts, becoming more than friends in the process.”  How do I, how do we, say thank you?

Thank you for giving us shelter.  Staying at a hotel, with this ongoing physical and emotional crisis, would have been so much more difficult, if not impossible.  

Thank you for going with Handsome to his radiation treatments, freeing me up from having to be there everyday.  I was able to get things done otherwise, and have things comfortable for him at the end of his day, knowing that he wasn’t alone. 

Thank you for being with me during his surgeries, sitting with me so I wouldn’t be alone with my anxiety, pacing a rut in the carpets of the waiting rooms.

Thank you for the massive number of loving messages, during his surgeries, during his recuperations-via email, texts and phone calls.  Technology can be used for evil or it can be used to bolster up someone who really needs a boost (that would be me….)

Thank you for trekking either with me, or driving me, to the hospital post his major surgery.  I was exhausted and overwhelmed and didn’t have to be concerned with maneuvering my way through traffic in an unfamiliar city and, more than likely, getting lost along the way…(you knew that and so did my husband!)

Thank you for my circle of angel sisters who, upon hearing that I, not being a cook in the best of times,  hadn’t the opportunity or means to cook “recovering” meals, banded together to provide that food, and delivered it with hugs and smiles.

Thank you for not only inviting us into your homes, once Handsome was mobile, but taking us into your hearts-you and your families-ensuring that not only did we eat a good, home-cooked, meal, but were enfolded in familial love. (and remember, if you opened a package at home, its’ home-cooked!)

Thank you for sharing your family occasions with us-birthdays, anniversaries-important days for you, and by association, for us. (we have become true party animals!)

Thank you for picking up medical supplies for us, when we were too overwhelmed and tired to make one more trip. (anyone need some extra gauze?)

Thank you for the prayers.  Anyone who knows me knows that was one of my great struggles through this nightmare.  When I didn’t know how to pray, you prayed, in your way, to whatever HP you have in your life, and knowing that, gave me strength, and hope. Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim-you all prayed.

Thank you for the laughter, no matter what was going on.  The encouragement at every step.  The hugs that made one more day entirely possible.  The gatherings, that fed our souls as surely, (and for fewer calories!) as any food we could have eaten.

There is much I have to be thankful for (oh, dear, is that a dangling participle?) This is our community, and, thanks to the internet, our community through this time has not only been here in NJ, but around the country.  There was never one post written either by me or Handsome Husband, where we didn’t get a deluge of comments in response-people from everywhere offering their hearts to us.  Our hearts go right back out to you in appreciation.  

This has been a hellish 8 months.  It started with my dear friend dying, and went, right away to my husband’s cancer.  In the scheme of time, this is barely even a tick on the clock.  Forever going through it, but already looking back.  And though it was what I will call a SNAFU, I can’t regret it, because, bigger than the fucking cancer, was, and is, the enormity of being wrapped in the arms of our community.  

Our Ford Escape is all packed for the road.  Handsome Husband has a post-op follow-up at 8 AM Monday morning in Philly.  I may or may not go in with him to his appt.  Possibly I’ll stay in the car, with the motor running, pointed in a westerly direction, waiting for him to very quickly have the doc pronounce him fit as ever, and, once again possibly, wait for him to jump in the car as I two-wheel it to the hospital entrance and have him jump in through the window. (the skin grafts on his leg are doing pretty well-he should be able to manage that feat).  And then, yes, folks, all these many months later-cancer free!- this blog will turn again into an actual travel blog (as opposed to a cancer travel blog), as he and I sing, along with Willie Nelson, “On the road again!”

As Bob Hope would say, and I will say-to all of you who are our community, far and wide-thanks for the memories!  No regrets, no worries!

“Happily Homeless” cancer-free, and westward bound!! 

ain't it so!


2 thoughts on “my Academy "thank you" moment..

  1. Very warm and sincere with a tinge of the raw emotion that the memories conjure up in muted form. I felt like I was there.ONWARD WEST!! MANIFEST DESTINY!! Not that extreme but please do proceed west at a medium pace minimum. Good form, lass. Good. Forrrrrrm.Love you ma.

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