Back in the saddle moments..

Yippee-ki-yay and all that-we’re back in the saddle again, which is to say Happily Homeless is on the road again!! Can you tell I’m excited?  Its been a couple weeks now-we hightailed it out of NJ as expected-dr appt in Philly, and awaaaay we, well, a week or so has passed, so, away we went!  Being on the PA turnpike doesn’t truly qualify as traveling for me-the road has ruts in it from the numerous times we’ve trekked our way out to Indiana.  But what did give me the possibility of a thrill was that we were going to continue west as soon as we did our time there!  We spent the first night on the road in Pittsburgh, at an Air Reserve Base-how beyond lovely to have a comfy bed again (as opposed to a 50+ year old fold out sofa…) Our week in Indiana is a posting all by itself, which I assure you will be written forthwith, and then it was nothing but road as our Ford Escape made tracks to Springfield Illinois and Lincoln country.

What an experience it was, visiting Abe Lincoln’s tomb-my reaction took me unawares.  His tomb lies at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, which is a beautiful place in its’ own right.  The outside of the tomb-impressive.  Walk inside-gorgeous marble walls, and be greeted by a smaller version of the statue that graces our capitol in DC.  Start your walk through a circular corridor, marveling at sculptures depicting Lincoln at various stages of his life, and then, step into the quiet of the room and be confronted with a crypt bearing his name.  I felt like I’d been sucker punched, and the tears were immediate.  I’m not sure why.  Yes, I’ve read about him in history, yes, I admire him, but, wow, being in the presence of his tomb, making him so very real…it was an awesome moment, as so many of my moments have been in the last two years.   It made him seem so real all of a sudden.  If you’re ever in the area, go there.
     From Abe country, we really, really started heading west, as we traveled through Missouri and passed through Mark Twain country.  We didn’t stop, though I’d like to return at a future time.  Always have loved Twain’s humor!  This is Pony Express country-where those brave (or nuts) young men of old spurred  their ponies to deliver the mail throughout the West, and there are statues aplenty to remind you that, at an early point in our history, sleet and rain and snow were the least of their problems in delivering the mail!  Can you imagine being on a horse, a galloping horse, for the hours they had to pull? (10 hours in the saddle, day and night, for $25.00/week).  No unions then for protection and workers’ rights!  Weather, hostiles, unmapped territories-we had some tough people back then!
We’ve stayed off the beaten track as often as we could, as usual-that’s what allows us to really see this country.  As we were moseying along, we opened up the sunroof and overhead was the sight I’ve been dreaming of since last January when the fucking cancer made itself known-nothing but blue, blue,  puffy clouded, wide-open skies of the West! Oh, the joy, joy, joy!!!

Over the high plains of Kansas we meandered, seeing nothing but the amber waves of grain we sing about, standing in appreciation but not a lot of awe at the highest point in Kansas (4,039 feet). The owners approach the entire idea with a great sense of humor-fun to visit!  And, when you’re making hotel reservations on the internet, you never really can tell how honest they’re being with their pictures, so let’s just leave it at that as far as our stay at the Days Inn in Goodland, Kansas.  Bad review on their site upcoming…

And then onward wagons! to Colorado-past the stinking to high heavens (as my mom would say) stockyards of the eastern part of that state, to the beauty of Rocky Nat’l Park and Estes Park near Ft Collins and a visit with my dad (who has a really good, if cheesy, sense of humor), and a drive south that brought us to Pueblo, CO (no need to stay here, though I did see a magazine that says 4 medal of honor awardees are from here).  Today, we’re pointing our car in the direction of Alamosa, and the Great Sand Dunes tomorrow.  We were there last year, and it ranks as one of our favorite places.  It is also the place that brings my brother Kysa to mind, and I’ll be scattering the “remains of his cremains” while there.  He’s been a very quiet passenger in the side compartment of the door, but I think he’s ready, and I am too…

Handsome Husband continues to heal.  He has been using frankincense oil on the surgical site on his upper thigh, and it has helped tremendously-hooray for natural remedies! And I haven’t had to employ any Rescue Remedy since NJ-no more anxiety attacks, blah, blah, blah-now that Cancer Boy is cancer-free!  And he’s just back to being plain ol’ D-and I love that!! So, all you peeps out there in America, keep your eyes peeled to the road-Happily Homeless may just show up where you are!!


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