At home in Medford OR moments..

My all-time favorite guy and I have had the best time of our lives here in Oregon, visiting with our daughter Rachael-Grace and her husband Sean.  Its so much what we needed, after this last year!  Our stay started out in North Bend, right on the coast, where we had a chance to host a house party,
with Handsome Husband’s niece and her husband, and our daughter.  Yes, the weather was cloudy, and a little chilly, but who cares?  We spent a day wandering through the town and along the beach at Bandon-by-the Sea, thoroughly enjoying ourselves! 
After a quick overnight stay in Klamath Falls, and a drive through the mountains, we arrived in Medford and a 10 day stay at Rachael’s while she and Sean vacationed in CA.  It was a time of complete and total leisure for us, with our only aspiration for the day being to exercise, and I’m proud to say that most days we did exactly that-biking through the wine vineyards (who knew OR had vineyards?), or walking through the town.  Rae and Sean rent an oh-so-cute home on the outskirts of town, so we played house until their return and then checked into our old haunt of last year-Grape St Gardens.
Its a cute little place, entirely suited to our needs, and our landlady, Mary, in addition to being so sweet, is creative in every way, and our suite, along with the couple others on the property, are the result of her imagination and hard work.  I love it when people are able to think outside the box, decorating-wise, and Grape St is a vision of looking at something, maybe a wrought iron stair railing, and thinking “how else could that be used?” and then hanging it on the wall, with a matching one, to anchor a painting.

From here we’ve ventured out to hike at Tabletop buttes, both of them,


Crater Lake, Jacksonville (and shopping at a dreamy shop with nothing but glittery things!), and everywhere else we thought about, all of which will be fodder for another post.  This has given us a much needed rejuvenation-after the hellish months in NJ, with results that leave us filled with gratitude for our life, and for each other, and we’re excited to see the open road ahead of us again when our time here in Oregon comes to a close. So many adventures in Oregon-which will be another post.  A little bit weird, little bit unsettling, our winding way through the mountains as we drove back from Crater Lake last week…one of those times that just makes you go “huh” when its all over…stay tuned!


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