Oh, those Florida moments!

For us, this year, Christmas was spent in God’s Waiting Room, which we all know is spelled F-l-o-r-i-d-a.  We don’t mind that we’re in God’s Waiting Room, as its much warmer than the northern climes where we could be waiting for fire and damnation or whatever our reward might be.   Our current, and ’til early February, home, is at the Army Recreation site in Destin.  It’s a nice little place;  a quick walk around will take maybe 15 minutes.  It sits right on the Choctawhatchee Bay  and its lovely to stroll out to the pier and watch the fish springing out of the water, and the pelicans coming in to catch their dinner.  Our room is spacious in every way, the bed is soooo comfortable (and I’m becoming something of an expert on comfortable beds!), and the shower has a great spray (these are 2 of the most important things to me).  A housekeeper comes in every other day to clean the bathroom, and I definitely can’t complain about that!  The conference center is a very short walk away, where we can get wi-fi.   That’s no big deal, or at least it seemed not that big a deal initially.So, what’s going to keep us from returning here next year?  After the day is done, and we’ve had some supper (which I can make on our handy-dandy 2 burner stove top), we settle in to….endlessly switching channels on the TV!  Yes, folks, we all know that, as many channels as there are on modern TV, there is still nothing on!  Oh, there’s your standard, endless, mind-killing, mind-numbing, reality shows-do I really need to know what the Kardashian’s are doing at this moment?  And there’s more reality shows on the history channels-no more actual, you know, history-just reality shows.  And 7 days a week, there are numerous religious shows going on; slick haired evangelists (who are, quite possibly, used car salesmen in their off time) ranting and raving about being saved (while a phone # for sending donations to help you be saved is streaming across the bottom), or another channel where you can tune in to watch a guy wearing a cummerbund,  a bad comb over, and little talent, try to “rock” a Jesus tune (while a phone # for sending donations to help you be saved is streaming across the bottom).  These shows are available, well, all the time.  After an hour or so of changing channels, (and Handsome Husband tends to get motion sickness as a result of me channel flicking so quickly), we land on a “Planet Earth” segment, narrated by Sigourney Weaver.  Instantly I am taken back to my freshman year in HS, or any other year, sitting at my desk, after lunch and a full stomach, being force-fed a nature show.  S….l….o….w.  All I want to do is take a quick nap.  Must.. stay.. awake…

We’re quickly zooming through the movies from our local Redbox-never have I seen so many movies in such a short time!  Yes, possibly re-thinking our stay here next year….


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