Those dredded moments…

For months, I’ve been obsessing about dreds!  Getting them, that is.  I’ve educated myself about the how to’s with YouTube.  Handsome Husband has willingly watched those vids too; after all, he would be the dred enforcer when it finally happened.

We had one false start a week or so ago.  It just didn’t seem to be working, so we agreed that the best thing to do would be to view more vids on putting in dreds, and we would revisit the issue.  

Yesterday was D-day.  We’d watched, we’d seen, we were sure we knew how to do the dredded dreds!  (It really is amazing how overwhelming the whole subject has been to me.  You don’t just not wash your hair and let it knot-there’s a whole process to it-who knew?!)

We had the metal comb, we had the wax, we had the clear color mini bands, we had the music, the snacks (well, I did at least).  We were pumped!!!  This is how I envisioned me looking after we were done, or at least, 3-6 months from now when the dreds had time to really lock and, well……load!

Eight hours later, with more thanks to Handsome Husband (called Chaz by me as his alter ego when he helps me with my hair at various times), we had what we could consider, and really thought were….dreds!  And I think they were-we just didn’t have the confidence to go with the end result.  Or at least they had the possibility of being dreds in that 3-6 month timeframe.  His fingers hurt, from the constant twisting and tearing and maneuvering of the metal comb.  My head hurt, from all the pulling and twisting and tearing and pressure.  But that was all part of it, so, you know, I was being brave…

The top 3rd of my head still needed doing (dredding), but it was getting late already, so I determined to finish it up in the AM.  Remember Buckwheat from the “Little Rascals?”   Yeah, that was more of what I looked like at the moment.  thumbnail.aspx

But even Buckwheat had good dreds, as I found out.  So it was feasible that I could go from what my current head looked like to, well….rocking this! That was my dream-these are really nice dreds!  So, with that thought, I lay down in bed.  And it felt, well….lumpy.  Nobody ever mentioned that to me in all those videos I watched. How do you sleep on these things?   Brave me, I managed for a few minutes, but that little, niggling thought was squeaking from the back of my head…”hey you like your sleep!  How are you going to do this for a long, long time?”  So I sat up and started removing a few of the bands at the bottom of the dreds, to make it a little more comfortable…and then a few more, and a few more.  Pulled at the ends, trying to untangle.  Talked with Handsome Husband, who was ready to sleep after a long day of dred doing, the thought growing- after all that effort, how could I undo?  It just wouldn’t be right!

Long story short:  I got to bed at 2:30, after a long few hours with some conditioner, the sharp point of the metal comb, and a lot of patience, some scissors and sore fingers.  And this is what I look like now:    I think it looks kind of French, don’t you agree?  Chaz did a great job on it.  Those dredded moments...


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