Wow-Key West moments-

Let me just start by saying that Key West, Florida is a big HELL different than our recent locale of Destin (which more than ever now holds a place of scorn in my heart).  Had we only seen Destin and then left Florida, I don’t think either I or Handsome Husband would ever return.  Howsomever, we trekked our way down here to Key West, and we’re thrilled with this place!  We have happy smiles on our faces, well, all the time!

Oh, yeah, there are lots of the senior citizen type here,but there’s heaps of the juniors too,and that really gives life to it.  Even if we’re not going anywhere, we can hang out right nearby in the sun and the azure skies and chill out and be retired and love our life.  And there’s none of that hokey stuff we had to deal with while in Destin, with the weird toilet paper issue and staff.  Very cool-

We have a completely nice suite here at the Navy Lodge, up on the 5th floor, with a view of the Bay outside our window.

Navy lodging, Key West

Navy lodging, Key West

There’s some great scenery here, including flight crews that check in and out…wearing flight suits.  Yum.  Downtown, and all the party action (not that we necessarily participate in it), Mallory Square, Duvall St, is within a healthy walking distance, and we spend a lot of time doing that!  Between the exercise walking that we do pretty much every day, and the walking downtown, around, and back again, I should be a stick by the time we leave, or like Angelina Jolie at the recent awards (she is way too much of a stick and I don’t believe I’ll have that problem anytime soon, alas!)

It really strikes my funny bone, the difference between me and Handsome Husband, that is so glaring here in Key West.  We’d recently been to Sloppy Joe’s downtown, and it ended up that my phone fell out of my bag, prompting hyperventilating from me upon that realization when I discovered said fact upon our return to lodging.  It was late at night, and we didn’t want to walk all the way back downtown at that hour, never mind the fact that we’d spent the day at the Dry Tortugas, including 5 hours on a boat, to and from.  While at dinner, I’d suddenly experienced massive, well, not dizziness especially, but what I would call waviness.  I wasn’t sure what was going on but knew I couldn’t walk that walk again.  So Handsome Husband drove me back downtown to search the restaurant.  And that’s where it got so funny-well, at least to me.  Duvall St at that hour was a maelstrom of drunk, high, having fun people, pedicabs, skateboards, whizzing mopeds of every color, bicycles, cars, everything mobile that you could imagine!  Handsome was driving carefully, and cursing all the weaving people who just were not staying on the sidewalks where they belonged!   Clearly, the road belonged to them, not to the automobiles!  Me, I was lapping it up, loving every bit of it.  What energy, what life!  I love strolling through that madness, absorbing the energy.  Handsome, not so much, but he’s lovely in how he indulges me and my joy in it.  Sometimes it ends up looking like I’ve got a Secret Service agent with me, or a bodyguard-I’m going in and out of stores, or window glancing, and there he stands,

my bodyguard (shhhh!)

my bodyguard (shhhh!)

off to the side, looking serious, dark sunglasses on.  I have no doubt that if anyone tried anything with me, he’d do a Vulcan lock on them and the assaulter would go down to the ground quietly, with nary a murmur.  Handsome is a very handy husband to have around.  So, be warned and all that…

The cutest bouncer in Key West helped me find my phone, so the need to hyperventilate was removed  and there will be more stories of Key West to follow.  I love this place!


2 thoughts on “Wow-Key West moments-

  1. Love the post and the picture is awesome! …and yes, Handsome does look like secret service! 🙂 I want to come stay at the navy place overlooking the bay!

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