Dry Tortugas moments-

We spent an absolutely gorgeous day out at the Dry Tortugas (http://www.nps.gov/drto/index.htm) Getting there required a roundtrip boat ride of 5 hours.  Sun. Warmth. Wind.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Once on the island, which was right out in the middle of nowhere, we had the freedom to discover the fort that dominates the island, trek the seawall that surrounds it, lie on the beach, or go snorkeling.  We explored the fort, meandered along the seawall, gazing down into the clearest, blue-green waters I could ever hope to see, and saw lots of these- which weren’t, well, huge

smaller fishes

We also saw quite a few of these-that seemed quite a bit bigger

We had lunch aboard the very nice boat that had brought us out to this tropical island-

We were so very relaxed, happy and, generally, just chilling.  Part of the package for the day, which could have added adventure to it, I grant you, was a short lesson in snorkeling, with equipment provided. It was explained to everyone who was venturing into the deep that we just had to be respectful of the fish-you know, those fish scuttling along in those deep blue-green waters. And that some of those aforementioned fish might be curious and we might feel a nibble now and again.  A respectful nibble, I have no doubt.  And here I was, just loving my day, when it was suggested that I might enjoy doing this.  Snorkeling, I mean.  Here is what I looked like at the mere suggestion of entering those waters-

Did you not see those fish?  Let me remind you-

Can you spell barracuda?  Frankly, I wasn’t interested in how respectful those fish might be of me, or I of them.  Last I knew, that statement could only be supposition on the humans’ part.  I was perfectly content with, as I said previously, meandering along the seawall, marveling at the beauty of the undersea world, coral and all, while standing firmly on terra cotta.

Thank you very much.  I enjoyed thoroughly not being nibbled or becoming more of a mouthful for what was lurking underneath.  And returning, un-nibbled, to Key West at the end of the day, all parts intact!



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