Okee-what? moments-

So, yeah, here we are in Florida, one year post that scurvy tumor Wilson!  Last year at this time, waiting in the waiting room for a 10 hour surgery to be over, and then seeing Handsome Husband in Recovery.  Now, if we were still in Destin,  I might see some similarities to the ICU, but, thank goodness, we’re not there-we’re here, with here being Okochobee, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okeechobee,_Florida).  There isn’t much, actually, to recommend it. There is the largest lake in Florida here, but not much has been done to make it attractive, at least as far as what I’ve seen.  Yes, you might ask, then why are we hereabouts, and you would be fully justified in speculating on that.  Handsome had a chance to visit with a NJ buddy of his up this ways, who was visiting from up North, so we meandered our way up for a couple of days.  He spent the day with his buddy, and poor little ol’ me-I spent the first day in months on my own at our hotel, occupying myself with, if I’m honest, meaningless trivia.  Don’t worry, good people, I survived the ordeal without too much ado…

It’s funny to me.  Handsome Husband and I are together constantly.  I mean always.  There are times when we’re somewhere for a few days or a week and I’ll go wander locally by myself for a few hours.  But, really, we’re joined at the hip.  Which, surprisingly to some who could not imagine such a thing, really works for us.  The longer we’re together, the more we like being together.  We joke that we are horribly co-dependent on one another at this point.  When we’re not together, we miss one another-is that a good thing or not?  Jeez, are we going to be one of those couples who, after one dies, the other quickly follows?  And yet, we’re each individually very independent.  Ah well-  we’re having fun is all I know.  There are long-range health problems to be dealt with on a daily basis, resulting from radiation treatments, and that is a continuing frustration, but what matters most is that we’ve already racked up quite a few adventures since this time last year.  Sunday we’ll return to Homestead (very nice military lodging there) and then back to Key West for another week (I’ll love that!)

For all our friends who truly became our family last year in the midst of the fucking cancer crisis (henceforth to be known as FCC), I’ll echo my thoughts of last year:  you opened your hearts and your homes, you brought us meals, you gave me rides to the hospital, you did so much, and Handsome and I will always remember that.  You are, collectively, just peaches-and a bag of chips and all that!


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