Connecticut Adventures moment~

This is our son, Nick.  162795_10150113684790400_552090399_8091464_6674480_nWe’re visiting him here in Connecticut and we’re so happy to be able to get a glimpse of the life that he’s creating for himself here.  He lives in a house across the street from the fire station where he volunteers, purchased by the station so that their volunteers can just run across the street to respond to fires.  And we’re staying with him, which is really so cool, as we’re able to watch all the happenings.  What person isn’t thrilled to see the doors slowly yawn open when an alarm sounds, and the bright red trucks (in this case), sirens and lights blazing, take off down the streets? Yep, I’m there!

It was beyond thrilling last night to watch as Nick (aka Fireman Nick), got a call on his radio and sprinted across the street to don his gear and roar out on the truck!  He is a fireman through and through, taking great pride in this public service.  As he tells us “I’m one of the ones who runs towards the fire while others are running away.”  I could feel his adrenalin rush~

Our adventure was this:  Fireman Nick went to work this morning, and Handsome Husband and I slept in (after all the busy-ness of NJ, it was a welcome slow morning!)  When we finally got downstairs we found it, well, chilly.  This is Connecticut, very much not Florida, and the mornings and evenings are pretty chilly.  Actually, okay, downright cold, though not freezing, so I guess that’s good.  We found the thermostat and clicked it on.  Before it even had time to alleviate the chilliness, the piercing sound of the smoke detector was shrilling very loudly throughout the house, upstairs and down.  Keep in mind-we are right across the street from the fire station!   Handsome Husband searched everywhere to ensure there was no smoke, no fire, nothing going on in dark corners.  And we tried desperately to turn off the alarm.  We waved dish towels under it, we took the cap off, only to find that it was wired, not batteries.  I was having visions of swarms of firemen pouring in the door from across the street.  And there was me, with my pj’s and my bifocals on, and my hair looking like crap.  Yes, one must consider appearances if expecting company, even firemen…right?   (especially firemen!) Additionally, I was thinking of poor Fireman Nick-he’s a newbie on the department, and how embarrassing to have his folks activate a fire department-his fire department!  He’d never live it down!  We opened windows for ventilation frantically, and, finally, the damn alarms stopped, and, praise the saints, no firemen showed up.  (Is that a good thing or a bad thing?)  And, no, we never did find out why the damn things flared up.  But I know that, until the heating is checked out, we’re adding layers of clothing for warmth-who needs the anxiety?


3 thoughts on “Connecticut Adventures moment~

  1. Lol I’m not going to lie, ma, if I were there I think I would have let you scramble a bit just to get you feathers ruffled 😉 yes, I really am your son and I love you guys

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