An all embracing moment~

At the end of this month, we’ll have been on the road as Happily Homeless for 3 years, so of course I’m doing some reflecting.  I’ve run out of words to describe what we’ve experienced.  Amazing, stupendous, awesome-clearly, I’m going to need to consult a thesaurus from now on so I don’t bore you, my millions of readers (there are millions of you….right?) or myself.

Of all that I’ve learned, the most powerful learning has taken place in the last couple weeks.   As is my wont (how often does anyone get to use THAT phrase?), as soon as we hit NJ, I hit my old stomping grounds of the Burlington County library.  And I picked up a book from the new book shelf, called “My Year with Eleanor” by Noelle Hancock.  I fully realize  that any one book affects each reader in whatever way that’s relatable.  But I’m telling you, this book changed my life.  Its a memoir, written by a young woman who lives in NYC, and her year of challenging her fears.  The back story is Eleanor Roosevelt and her struggles to overcome numerous fears as she became First Lady.   I didn’t expect big things from reading the book-I just love reading memoirs.  But I got big things!  Throughout the book are quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt, and each and every one of them touched me deep to my soul.  Words about fear, and leaning into your fear.  Checking yourself when you need/want to make a decision, but you’re uncertain.  Does it come from fear?  And what is fear keeping you from doing, and becoming?

3f768af9b6a5425f67903dabb201c1b9I’ve taken that word fear and am now using it as a filter for whatever I’m not doing, or want to do but something is keeping me from doing.  It has changed my perspective.  And I look back and see how my life changed when we started this traveling, and I know that I’m already ahead of the game in so many ways.  I’ve let go of so many externals, and now I’m letting go of so many internals.  As we approach our 3rd year of travel, I want to be more open to new experiences than I’ve ever been, I want to meet people everywhere, I want to let go of more that is holding me back, I want to live more simply, and I want, more than ever, to run towards life with open arms~


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