Happy 3 year anniversary moments-and what’s next~

Three years!  And counting.  How long, I wonder, will we be on this road as Happily Homeless?  I’m happy to say that we show no signs of slowing down in any way!  Handsome Husband and I are so content, wandering about this country, exploring and having adventures, meeting new friends, checking in with our kids, and their friends.  Life is unexpected, life is unplanned, and we like it that way!

So, what’s next?  Well, Handsome and I were discussing that very thing this morning as we exercise walked, and we decided that each year, on our HH anniversary, we are going to zero in on one thing that we want to focus on for the following year.  There is so much out here, there is so much to be learned.  And there is so much in here (I’m pointing to myself) that has changed, and is changing.   In this last month, especially, we’ve both been doing so much inward shifting.  If we really stop to contemplate how we are and why we are, we  start to realize that not everything that we’ve been taught as young children and adults has a place in our life any longer, and that there is a tremendous feeling of freedom upon letting go of those things.  What things, you might ask?  Good question.  And I can’t really answer in a tangible way-its just something I know.    Believe me, as I’ve changed, Handsome Husband has had a tough time getting any specific answers from me, because its tough to put language to what is going on in me.  Suffice to say, he and I are both shifting and changing.  What used to matter matters no longer.  What wasn’t thought about before is thought about now.

All of this to say, this upcoming year is one where, as we travel, we’re going to focus on the physical.  Going exercise walking?  Do it harder and longer.  We’re going to make a point of, wherever we are, searching out mountains to hike, and rocks to climb, and we’re going to push ourselves.  And I want to dance more, I want to hoop more.   Those YouTube hoop instructional videos?  I’m going to tackle them. I’m going to hoop/dance!  We’re going to slow dance, no matter where we are. Handsome and I are, at least once a week for each of us, going to do full body massages.  I’m going to become more aware of my body-at work, at play.  We’re going to become more fully attuned to ourselves, our bodies, and each other.  This is the year of us becoming more of who we are and who we envision ourselves to be!  There is just something going on, in this our third year, that is making me want to run full-out towards what this new life has to offer, and find the richness that has yet to be experienced, to be open to all the wondrous possibilities.

As an addendum, check out this link to read about us in the Philadelphia Inquirer-what fun to see our story written!  http://www.philly.com/philly/home/20120525_Their_home_is_the_road.html

We’re happy.  We love our life. We’re blessed.  And we are thrilled to have so many more people in our community in these three years.  You are, each and every one of you, a part of our lives, no matter how far we travel.

 Happy Anniversary to us!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy 3 year anniversary moments-and what’s next~

  1. Judging from the picture at the top of the page, Chuck is obviously driving! Congrats on 3 homeless years… and many many more! (Wow.. that just doesn’t sounds right).

  2. Time sure does fly. It has been so much fun to live vicariously through you two. We look forward to your updates of where you are and what you have visited, learned and experienced. Here’s to another year of fun, love and adventure!!!

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