Here’s a cool idea moment~

Dear ones,

As a good many of you (if not the entire country)  know, we’ve been on the road as “Happily Homeless” for 3 years as of last May.  We have a friend in NJ who is a teacher and we’ve been sending postcards to her from all around the country for her  class.  She posted them up on a bulletin board and made a folder for each of the kids, with questions in it regarding them.  When we were last in NJ, she asked us to come speak to her class, and bring a slide show that would highlight the various geological formations of different places around the USA that we’ve visited.  The students had each prepared 2 questions for us and those questions engendered a great discussion.

Our grandson is 10 years old, and we gave him an Atlas and a wall map of the USA. As we’ve traveled, we’ve sent clues to his mom’s phone so that he can take a look at the Atlas and “find” us.  Its been a great way for him to learn the geography of our country, and our history.

So, here’s my incredible idea (I know you’re waiting breathlessly to hear) .  How cool would it be if we were to connect with students (public, private and homeschoolers) in an educational effort to make geography and history real to them?  We could  send postcards to your class, or you, for use with your kids.  And, at some point, when we’re in NJ, or wherever you, or we,  might happen to be, we could visit your class and do a presentation, geared to whatever you’re looking for.  There is so much that we’re learning, and we’d love to share that with fertile minds!  If you’d be interested in such a project, post a comment here or email us at    The school year will start soon, so get on board!

I’m sure, with technology, there’s even more we can do with this.  Maybe skype with a class from one of our locations?  The Black Hills?  Mt Ranier?  Mt Rushmore?  The Pacific Coast?   The Gulf Coast?  How about pictures and video of  Boston’s Freedom Trail?  The possibilities are endless!

We would just love to share the beauty and excitement of our travels around the USA~


Talk to me~

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