Spectacular finds along the backroads of Vermont moments~

So, yes, I have found the house I would love to live in.  If I wanted to settle down, which I don’t.  If it was for sale, which it very definitely isn‘t.  If we were rich, which we’re not.  But I would definitely move into this house!  And possibly you can figure out why, dear readers. Take a look~I know you understand~

Handsome Husband and I had determined that we wanted to explore some new roads here in Vermont, and to that end, we decided to motor along routes 100C and 15, driving north and then south.  Prior to our adventure, I quickly googled “White River Valley” (travel is so much easier with google!) and happened upon the phrase “impressive pink mansion” and immediately knew that our car was going in that direction.  Which is how we happened upon this beautiful home, dating from the 1850’s, a lovely example of a Gothic Revival cottage designed and built by Senator Justin Smith Morrill.   The house and all outbuildings are pink, though I believe he was going more for a sandstone shade than what he got.  In any case, this “cottage” is 17 rooms, with furnishings and artwork being original.  We got an incredibly informative tour from a guide, and it boggled our minds that, as the house changed ownership over the years, ultimately being abandoned in the 1950’s, nobody thought to preserve the considerable historical artifacts inside the house.  Amazingly, though it became rundown over the years, the furnishings and artwork weren’t vandalized, and the State of Vermont, when it assumed ownership, was able to restore everything.  I urge you to stop and visit this gorgeous home.  You’ll be taken with the hand carved wood moldings over the doors and windows~the second floor landing with a stained glass window that opens to the attic and reflects the sun from up above~and, what took my eye the most, an old-time washing machine!  Open the top, load the clothes, and pump the handle there on the left up and down.  Voila!  This was a huge improvement over the commonly used washboard-but who even knew they had technology for wash machines back then?

The beauty of getting off the highways, and motoring the backroads of this country, cannot be overstated.  We have found such treasures in doing so, and this is just one that we’ll always remember. Check it out yourself,  at http://historicsites.vermont.gov/morrill/morrill.html, or, better still, drive to Strafford, Vermont so that you can ooh and ahh to your heart’s content over the real thing-its a do not miss site!


8 thoughts on “Spectacular finds along the backroads of Vermont moments~

  1. Color reminds me of the bedroom boy and I had that you said would be “salmon”…..only this shade looks a wee bit more manly

    • Hi Victoria,
      I know! Hardwood floors and incredible carving inside, all that pink on the outside. We love it when we discover places such as this in our travels. The Senator was, I think, going for more of a sandstone type color when he designed his home, but I’m happy it turned out the way it did. And it took me by surprise, all the “modern” conveniences of the home-I get bogged down in thinking that nobody had anything until we reached the technological age. But that house-yep, they had some pretty comfortable living! If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, take some time to visit it~

      Oh, and just by the way-our old stomping grounds were in Westampton NJ and we’ll be in that area again in September! Even though we’re on the road, NJ is where our community is~

    • Ranger Jake,
      We loved our time on the island! We took the nature trail along the water, and then went up to the southern tip. The breeze was lovely, and we spent quite a bit of time there, exploring and taking in the beauty of it. Even the fields of goldenrod were gorgeous, though my allergies didn’t so much appreciate them!

    • Tersia,
      I’m so glad you stopped to visit. It has been the same for me with your blog, as I read of your “witnessing” your daughter Vic’s life with her illness. You will be one of my daily drop ins, as I continue to read your blog~

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