Hellogoodbyehellogoodbye-those moments~

It was hard leaving Vermont.  Not so much the state, but the family who  made our summer in Vermont so filled with those heart taking pictures moments.  Grandkids especially.  We arrived in the Green Mountain state in time to see our 10 year old grandson on his last day of 4th grade, stayed through an action packed summer with him and our 4 year old grand daughter, and saw him start his first day of 5th grade.  Lots of moments with them, that included several sleepovers in the queen size sofa sleeper at our hotel.  Pool time, popcorn time, and breakfast on a tray time. Moments that we’ll always remember, and I think they will too.

So, as we were headed south through the mountains yesterday, Handsome Husband got a little emotional in that way that we all can when we say goodbye.  You know, where your heart just clenches and the eyes moisten up as you think back, and then you think ahead to all the growing the grands will do while we’re everywhere else in the country but where they are.

It can be a tearing feeling, all these goodbyes that are inevitable to us as long as we’re living this traveling life.  At one point Handsome Husband owned up to that, saying that “all these goodbyes are hard”.  He’s right.  The goodbyes can be very hard as we see our kids and our grands, and good friends, in our rear view mirror.  But the other side of those sad goodbyes?  The joyful hellos as we arrive at yet another destination, with one of our kids or other family, or a good friend, waiting to see us.   Yesterday, along with the goodbye to our Vermont family, we said hello to our Connecticut family-our son, Fireman Nick.  

And today we’re saying goodbye to him,  after this quick 2 day stop.  Tomorrow we’re saying hello to our friends in New Jersey.  And over the weekend, we’re saying hello to my dad, whom I haven’t seen for a couple years.  Hello one day, goodbye the next.  Only to say hello to him again as we head West through Colorado.

The yin and the yang, the sad and the happy-there’s almost a musical rhythm to it. Hellogoodbyehellogoodbyehellogoodbye.   I do think, however, that Handsome and I need to come up with a word other than goodbye.  What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Hellogoodbyehellogoodbye-those moments~

    • Which we will! Dad and I are so happy to see you building a life for yourself here, Nick. When it comes down to it, all parents care about is that their kids are happy, whatever they’re doing, wherever they’re living. Keeping it all legal is the bottom line-after that, its all about being happy. Have a beautiful day, Nick, and we’ll catch you on the flip side. mom

      • You are an awesome mom Alison with great kids and an amazing husband. You are one fortunate woman! 😉 And you are loved by so many. Hope to see you on your journey through NJ. I miss you guys. Love…..your butterfly sister.

    • “Auf Wiedersehen” is definitely more appropriate, and, surprisingly for German, kind of lyrical. I do believe I’m going to have to look to other languages for a phrase that works for me. Hey, maybe a poll put out to all my readers will help me!

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