Yippee-ki-yi-ya time~

The day is finally here, dear readers!   Yours truly, me and Handsome Husband, are on the road again as of this morning!  And not only are we on the road, we’re headed to my favorite place-the West.  My deep blue eyes are going to be looking out the sunroof to the deep blue skies, and yes, I’m mightily excited.  Our first stop is Coreopolis PA for the night, then onwards to Indiana to visit with Handsome’s mom for 12 days. (So, all my peeps, make sure to….call me, maybe!)  And text me.  But call me, definitely.   Swear you’ll call me.  Its Indiana.  I need phone calls.  Seriously.

Its been a busy, busy, two weeks here in NJ, and hard to believe that it hasn’t been quite a month since we were in Vermont.  Is my age showing that it seems that time is passing so quickly?  Whether it is or not, I know that we are spending our time wisely.  We have so many memories of this last month, and have been grateful to spend so much time with our NJ peeps.  BBQ’s, dinners out, dinners in, coffee dates-I’m going to have to up my exercise regimen!

This time around, we’ll be gone much longer than we’ve been in the past couple years.  Handsome is done with his cancer screenings, and that automatically gives us more time freedom.  So….we thank all of you, our dear ones here in the Garden State, for the company, the love, the good times, and, yes, the memories.

Don’t get left behind, any of you!  Make sure you follow us here, and on our facebook page, where I’ll continue to post pictures of this gorgeous country as we wander West, and, oh, yes, you can now follow us on twitter ! (I’m so techhie, aren’t I?)  We go by “chuckandalison” on twitter-jump on that wagon if you like.

We love you all, dear ones, and remember, keep an eye out for us on the road!  I’m still looking for the perfect phrase to say instead of goodbye, so keep the suggestions coming. And as for our kids out in Arizona, keep the lights on for us, we’ll be there before you know it!

For the moment, its yippee-ki-yi-yay, and -until we meet again~


2 thoughts on “Yippee-ki-yi-ya time~

    • Klaus,
      Oh, believe me-I’ve got plans for a book and so much else! I’m so glad you are appreciating the pictures-what a beautiful country this is, and how blessed we are to have seen so much of it. And I’m happy, happy, to have you following us here!!

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