Its Willy Nelson time~

I had good intentions.  Honestly.  My suitcase had been burping out clothes these  past months of travel.  It’s very heavy for Handsome Husband to lift.  (thank goodness for wheels!  Also, thank goodness his arm has healed from his surgeries and he has his grip back.)  I travel, knowingly, with too many clothes.  I freely admit it. But what to do?  What to do?

My plan when we arrived here in Indiana, and our storage unit, was that I would be very strict with myself, regarding clothes.  I would remove quite a few of them, and not replace them with others.  I would take pictures of various outfits that I could mix and match, and carry that with me, so that I’d never be at a loss for what to wear.  You know, like you see in the women’s’ magazines.  It would all be very organized and well thought out.

I tried.  I spent almost two days at our storage unit, and I went over there with a large bag of clothes that I was going to leave behind.  And I am.  Leaving them behind.  And yet my suitcase, when I packed it this morning, still burped clothes, all neatly rolled, but nonetheless…

The thing of it is, when you store “stuff”, and don’t see it for a while, its like brand new when you do.  And so it went for me as I searched through the boxes and bags of clothing in said storage.  Wow!  I’d forgotten I had this!  Oh, look, that would look great in combination with (blank)!  I definitely need to take this with me!

The above picture is what my suitcase looked like, and will look like again, as we leave here to head West.  But I really do have a seriously valid argument prepared in response.  See, we’re not just out here on a long vacation.  An extended road trip.  Nope, not us!  This is our life, traveling constantly.  What we carry is pretty much the sum amount of our belongings. (minus a few bags of clothes that waits for us to visit in storage, of course).  We’ll be in different climates, at least until we get to Arizona, and, even then, when we leave, we’ll be going into another season.  I suppose I could make do with two pairs of jeans, a few shirts, my sneaks, a pair of boots for hiking, some sandals.  A fleece jacket.  Let me introduce you to the Gemini me.  Who knows what mood will prevail on any given day, which predicates what I’ll wear.  What about those black boots that only go with that one outfit-the one that I really feel good wearing?  How about those red boot shoes?  I haven’t worn those for years-its time to bring them out of retirement!  And that hot pink belly dance hip scarf with attached coins?  Hmm-I can wear that as a shoulder scarf and add some pizzazz to my wardrobe.  And so it goes.

Don’t fault me.  The way I figure it, I’ve given up a whole bunch of everything, to live this life on the road.   And I no can do three or four outfits that I switch out.  Just don’t see it happening.   Recall the “Gemini me”.  I like change, I like different. The suitcase does close, and it is on wheels.  We’ll manage.  It will still fit in the back seat.  And just never mind that pink bag that’s in the back, full of more shoes and boots than it ought to be full of.  Perhaps someday I’ll be different.  But I’m not holding my breath, and I hope Handsome Husband isn’t either!

I have a picture of the “closet” (as we call it) of our car, packed up, and in my next blog, I’ll share with you the fascinating story of what is in that closet.  It’s all thought out, and we try to be prepared for any and all circumstances, which is why it appears the way it does.

Stay tuned~



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