The love that makes life easier~

Our culture doesn’t have many ways of marking the passages of a person’s life.  Oh, we have birthdays and anniversaries, and parties for various events, but how often do we really stop and recognize the depth of a milestone?   Well, I’ve now truly celebrated the big change going on in my life.  Yes, folks, its menopause time!

Menopause on the road.  Life changing.  Body changing.  Mood changing.  Poor Handsome Husband.  I’ve been as honest as I can be with him on any given day, informing him of my emotional temperature as best I can.  Honestly, I’ve never been a woman to give in to, or allow, mood swings as an excuse for bitchiness.  Completely unacceptable!  That’s not to say, however, that I haven’t had them lately.  Fortunately, we’re temporarily settled here in Arizona, and that gives us both space when we need it.

And, because we’re here in Arizona, and our younger daughter is nearby, she decided to gift me with a day devoted entirely to celebrating this new phase of my life.  Menopause Blessingway happened at her house.  It was a day of healthy eating, yoga (ohmydoIneedtolearntostretchmybody!), Thai massage, a Reiki session with essential oils and chakra stones, chai with chocolate and strawberries (oh, yum!), chicken wraps for lunch, sparkling cider, and, oh, yes, happy hooping in the backyard!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

The day started with a crown she’d made, and, of course, she blessed me with some glitter (so very appropriate!)

a foot bath in lavender scented, rose petaled water (with some glitter added) and a manicure
yoga for an hour in the beautiful sun dappled yard

a Reiki session with essential oils and chakra stones

after a facial and makeup session-feeling pretty! (and the fan helped with the heat surges)

a traveling altar she made for me, for meditation

spicy chai break, with strawberries and chocolate!

wrapping up the day with happy hooping!

feeling beautiful after a day of celebration~



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