The proper holiday greeting pot has been boiling over for a long time, so I thought I’d add my unfortunately not too often sought out two cents to spice it up even more.

“Merry Christmas” can set off a thunderstorm of offense.  Keep the “Christ” in Christmas, Christians insist.   That’s what this is all about.  Keep it neutral, non-practicers insist.  Wish a “Happy Holidays”.  That one is acceptable to those who see Christmas as a Santa Claus event, nothing but the presents and celebrating a time where we keep credit card companies happy.  “Season’s Greetings” is also a good neutral ground, though I will admit it doesn’t hold any punch for me.

There is so much controversy at this most beautiful time of year, and offense is taken left and right.  So, not having to do with anything in particular, but always interested in what sets people off, I did some very brief research into this topic, and the phrases we use.  In no particular order:

When folks get upset at the holiday greetings “happy holidays” do you know that the word “holidays” is merely a combination of the two words “holy day”? So, in saying “happy holidays”, you’re giving a religious greeting and not the generic and non-offensive term so many think it is, and you might now need to re-think it.

Some are offended if “Christmas” is written “Xmas”.  Did you know that the letter “X” , in Greek, represents the word “Christ”?  So, yes, writing “Merry Xmas” very much keeps the “Christ” in Christmas.  Stop being offended.

I was raised Catholic, but stopped practicing as soon as I left home, and its been a long time since I subscribed to any one way of thought, so I’m completely neutral.  We, as humans, are so particular in these days of political correctness, and am I the only one who thinks our reactions have gotten a bit extreme?  Maybe it’s because I’m from the NorthEastern corner of the country, where the congestion of both people and cars can make for some irate encounters, but I’m here to say, I’m just as happy to hear any happy holiday greeting, coming from any person, as opposed to being rudely flipped off.   Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings”-sing it out to me!  I’m not offended in any way!  I love that you’re wishing me good will, and I’ll wish you good will in return, in whatever phrase happens to occur to me at that moment.

Referencing the display of Nativity scenes in public spaces-well, here’s my take.  Let’s get that Baby Jesus set up in the manger, surrounded by his mom and dad, the animals, etc.  And light up the scene with a Menorah, adding an updated touch to it.  I love the image of the Wise Men arriving in this VW bus-its so retro! 177329304047254686_eJLFVpP2_b

and maybe some Kwanza candles.  207236020324488640_ROn2XQ1e_b

 Maybe Buddha can sit wisely next to Jesus, smiling happily.   21532904438484745_nhjWgSLn_b

Let the angels sing happily overhead-a series of rockin’ tunes that celebrate goodwill to all men (and women!), because we all need goodwill. (I’m thinking Ringo Starr singing “Come on, Christmas”!)

 A lovely, candle-lit Blue Spruce Christmas tree will add its piney scent, making everyone happy, 113927065544672610_5PT3KfNZ_b

and, oh, and do not forget the Festivus pole!  I’m a dyed in the wool,alwaysrelatingmyowndailylife to  Seinfeld fan, and we must have “festivus for the restofus.  6614730672219979_H0txJcVn_c

 Did I forget anything?  Feel free to comment and add your  own two cents worth here. (You know you want to!)

How about we all just love one another, giving and accepting that love in whatever phrase its given?  Let’s celebrate what brings us together.

Just adding some hot water to the pot~

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