Detours and Rest Areas, theoretically speaking~

I haven’t been writing much here.  The intent is always in my heart, but I’m feeling a decided lack of inspiration, and I want to come clean with the whys of that.

Maybe I’m just not up on things, but I don’t oftentimes see, as I read travel blogs, articles about the very real toll that constant travel can take on one’s body, on one’s health, on one’s relationships, on almost anything.  Because whether you’re on the road or not, real life happens.  Only thing is, when you’re on the road and real life happens, when the shit hits the fan, you’re most often in a new place, lacking the knowledge of local information and contacts, kind of feeling stranded in many ways.

Traveling can be inspirational, adventurous, fun-you put the adverb in there and it can be all of those.  But you really do have to be at your optimal health level to both enjoy it and have the fun of it.  Which brings me to the subject of this particular blog.

Handsome Husband isn’t well.  For me, its’ pretty much a continuation of the cancer he had a couple of years ago.  What is little written about, and, I suspect, not well-known or understood, is the toll that cancer treatments can take on a body, long-term.  Whether its’ chemo or radiation or a combination of the two-it decimates your body.  You have cancer.  You have treatments.  The treatments beat your body to a fare-thee-well.  And that’s what has happened to Handsome Husband.

While we were in Arizona over the winter, he developed  a cough, one that was severe enough to dislodge a rib.  And because the powers-that-be-of-the-Universe like to throw a bunch of stuff all at one time at a person to see what sticks, he also developed a pinched nerve, big-time.  Maybe somehow the two are connected.  Maybe the pinched nerve, when it occurred, sought out the weakest point in his body and that just happened to be his left lung.  We knew right away that the cough had to do with the systemic fungal infection that he’s been fighting for over a year, and he sought treatment with acupuncture.

Because what we do is travel, we continued, when our time in Arizona came to an end, to our next destination, and our next, with our ultimate landing here in southern California.  Along the way, both pinched nerve and cough worsened, and believe me, I was incredibly relieved to get here.  Our stay is for three months and I’m beyond grateful for that, because travel at this moment would be impossible. Handsome Husband’s cough became a round the clock thing, and his body has been bent over in pain.  He’s unable to do much of anything.  And you know what?  Our suitcases, our cooler, all the things we travel with are damn heavy, and my body just doesn’t do well with all that lifting.  So, we’re in a cozy, homey, condo here.  Yeah, I’m eternally grateful. Our time is spent mostly in doctor appointments.  Jesus, are we that old already?  How incredibly bo-rrrrring!

There’s a whole ‘nother blog where I could go on about medical insurance, but I don’t want to get all tiresome about it  (knowing that many of you know the despair of trying to get coverage, or, once you have it, getting them to cover anything).  We have it, yes, but it doesn’t do us a damn bit of good as we travel, especially here in California.  Suffice to say, we decided to bite the bullet financially and seek treatment for him in the alternative community.  And its’ working.  The treatments, I mean.  But its’ a long road ahead for Handsome Husband.  Turns out the fungal infection went to his left lung.  Add  add into it a viral infection, which, we learned, goes hand-in-glove with a fungal infection,  throw in the whole pinched nerve thing that prevents him being able to lie prone to sleep, or sit up comfortably, leading to sleep deprivation, add a pinch of a shockingly restrictive diet in order to combat the infection….well, add in all kinds of impossible qualifiers and you get the picture of us, on the road at this moment.  But thankfully, settled at least for the next two months.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to Happily Homeless future travels.  As one of my friends said “you just might have to find a rest stop”.  I do know that we can’t continue traveling as we have, not with Handsome Husband’s health so compromised.   Nor do I want to.  Whether that means settling somewhere for a six month period while he gets better, and maybe a bit longer while he builds himself back up, I don’t know.  I just know this isn’t sustainable, not for him, not for me.  It ain’t fun anymore, and I very distinctly remember saying, years ago, that when this was no longer fun, I no longer wanted to do it.

The future is open, and I’m open to the possibilities.  I just want Handsome Husband well, and getting well isn’t going to happen on the road.   When you travel, its’ all about maps and roads and signs, leading to a particular destination.  We’ve seen the detour sign already, and I suspect that we need to get our trusty Ford Escape into the far right lane, put on the blinker, and head towards that rest area~     86e5de2d174c36b2f9f52060880695ec


3 thoughts on “Detours and Rest Areas, theoretically speaking~

  1. Hello,

    Sorry to hear about all your triles andtribulations. It is to bad that Handsome Husband is not feeling good. I pray that his health improves and you two could continue doing what you like best, traveling.



  2. Maria,
    What makes all of this bearable is that our community of people, no matter how far they are geographically speaking, are always close in heart, as your comment shows. All love and good thoughts are kept close to our hearts, and I’ll keep you updated~

  3. So sorry to hear all this sad news. Sid & I met you last year at President Arthur’s Memorial Site in Vermont. We were there with my Aunt Bea. We will all being pray for both of you. Betty Castle

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