Allow me to introduce myself…

ImageMy name is Rachael. I am Alison’s daughter, or KamaHooptra, as most of you may know me. Handsome Husband (as most of you know him) was my dad. I miss him dearly- everyday. The stories of my parents travels, my dad’s time in hospice, and his death, have been told. You have all carried them/us in your love and support over the years. I was there when my dad died. Witnessing him take his last breath was the most horrific, sacred, and humbling experience of my life, thus far. I hated every moment and yet, wouldn’t change it for anything.

This is my first blog post since the Happily Homeless/MoonStruck blending, and it won’t be my last. My presence here will continue to grow stronger as it evolves. It didn’t start out this way. We were both happy going about our separate ways. My parents (well, my mom mostly- my dad really just wanted to be retired!) traveled about as Happily Homeless, documenting their adventures. MoonStruck was an idea that my mom and I started together, but I was the primary one behind the scenes. And as you all know by now, that has changed. Life had a plan of its own, so here we are- a couple of FWG’s learning how to maneuver through this vast new ocean.

In less than a month, I will join the rankings of Happily Homeless, but this time with a twist. I will take my place next to my mom in the newly restored Pink Magic, and we will hit the road together for 6 months (with the intention to not hit a deer again, or any other animal for that matter!). Most people hear about what we are doing and think it’s wonderful and amazing. Other people look at me like I have two heads- “I love my mom, but there is no way I could travel with her for that long!” “Your husband is going to let you be away for 6 months?” “You’re going to be offering what?” Here’s the thing- my mom and I are great friends. Like, the best. She was my maid-of-honor in my wedding. People who used to call our house often got us mixed up. My dad always swore that we were a couple of witches (in the best terms of course). We both love pink and glitter. We have the same sense of humor. We share clothes- minus pants, as I have a number of inches on her. We gossip and chat like two girlfriends who have known each other for lifetimes. So yes, we will be fine. As for the husband thing- my husband doesn’t “let” me do anything. We have a discussion, and come to an agreed upon decision. He knows if I really want to do something, I am going to do it- and vice versa. He has been wonderfully supportive of this venture from day one. Yes, it will be a challenge to spend so much time apart, but we will make it work because that’s just who we are. And finally, FWG workshops, blessing ways, and moon circles seem like a foreign concept to some, but to us they are things we feel driven to offer. They will connect us with (mostly) women across the country, and will continuing spreading our love story. We were given so much during our time in hospice and it is now our wish to give back.

This entire partnership as Happily Homeless and MoonStruck, and as mother and daughter, is a mission of love. It can’t NOT be. Our time together will be filled with laughter, tears, storytelling, dancing, grieving, magic making, and adventure. And it will absolutely extend beyond these upcoming 6 months together. I look forward to seeing how our relationship deepens. I look forward to seeing how my relationship with myself deepens. I am not the same woman I was before my father died. I can’t be. I now allow myself to sit in the shadows when I need, I love more fiercely, and I speak more freely. It is my desire to unfurl magic and light into the darkest corners of the universe. And I am more determined than ever to leave my mark of love on this planet.

Will you join me?



11 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself…

  1. I love this post. You are amazing (as is your mom). I can’t wait to follow your adventures, and maybe have a few of my own, drawing on the strength that is so much a part of you both.

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your post and plan to follow your journey :-). I’m a newby to your blogs so I don’t know what some of your terminology means. What are blessing circles ? What are FWG groups? Good luck & happy travels 🙂

    • Welcome! FWG stands for fucking warrior goddess (or fierce warrior goddess for those who are offended by the word). It represents who we are and how we live following the death of my father. Blessing ways are to honor women as they transition through life (birth of a child, marriage, menopause etc). Hope this helps!

  3. I’m simply awestruck by your transforming adventure. And I feel your Mother’s world brightening. I’m learning so much about love and loss from this blog. What a lucky and generous family you are. I initially found this blog as a mad lover of Tab trailers but have discovered so much more. Thank you!

  4. I met your Mom at a rest stop on I-17 i Arizona. I understand your missions and wish you the best. I lost my Dad several years ago and still think of Him often. His death was quick and unexpected. It still hurts. I’m glad you are traveling with her, I sense your strength as I do with my wicken ex-wife. We still chat from time to time as I do with my Mom. Anyway, I wish you both a safe journey.

  5. I’m excited for both of you. Will you be heading through NJ at any time? I’d love to have a blessing way or some other sacred ritual to mark transitions for a few of us women who have been through hell and back. I’m not sure what you charge or how to make arrangements, but I strongly feel this is something I need – and one or two of my friends needs as well.
    Best of luck!

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