Ghost Dancing Into the Forever of You~

I will sing you to me.
As the days and moments and years pass by,
I will sing you to me.
As I gaze up at the mighty Universe each night,
From wherever my pink trailer happens to park,
I will sing you to me.
And as my heart wanders this land,
Seeking you, not finding you
But wishing desperately to connect with you and to you,
Somewhere, anywhere, everywhere,
I will sing you to me.
The words of Love our hearts exchanged
As we lived our years and our Love story,
I will sing you to me.
Where are you, my dearest Love?
On this night when the veil lifts between me and you…
Where are you?
As my hand reaches through the veil,
As my heart bleeds for you
And I lightly touch your picture your compass your wallet your moustache comb
Seeking to feel your presence again,
I will sing you to me.
As our music drifts lightly into the night air and my feet move slowly in remembered steps and my hands lift to just the right height, where the breadth of your shoulders wait for my touch,
And I ghost dance with you under these stars in this Universe in the world you left, where I am now, without you, my dearest Love,
Through the years and the moments and the days that stretch into Forever…
Into the Forever, my dearest Love, where you exist and I don’t,
My body will move with you and, yes,
I will sing you to me, always.
Forever sing you to me into the Forever of Time…

2 thoughts on “Ghost Dancing Into the Forever of You~

  1. It’s been almost 20 years since the love of my life passed, November 17, 1997, and it’s still hard. Your poetry hits right to the heart. This time of year is always hard. In the past I’ve had to fake it until I make it. My friends and family know how I feel. I just wanted you to know I love your posts, I just can’t always respond because I still have all these feelings and don’t always know what to do with them. I just have to walk through them. Love you.

    • Ramona, I understand completely. It’s very often the same way for me, when I read things. Trying to find words to respond, at the same time as having the emotional energy to do so, and the time…sometimes it just doesn’t all line up. I thank you for your words, and I’m glad my poem resonated with you, even as it calls up your own memories. I’m walking with you, always~Alison

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