Love in the Time of…This~

I’m not going to write about what’s going on all around the world right now.
We’re all getting enough of it on a 24 hour basis.
I will, instead, write about Love.
I’m going to write about the power of Love in uncertain times.
The power of Love when our worlds are already, or still, shaky, because the people who made disasters bearable (hopefully) is no longer next to us.
I don’t deny that I’m feeling more anxious.
I’m human, after all. I’m fairly certain, anyways, even though I often feel like I’m really just a hologram in the time since Chuck’s death. alison1
His Love for me was very real, however.
The Love he left behind for me is as real as real could be.
It’s the most real thing in my life.
The only thing that grounds me.
In these crazy apoplectic and apocalyptical times that feel awfully like a Stephen King novel…or at least as I’ve heard his books described, as I’ve never read one…
I think hard about what power I have.
I think about where I can make a difference with the power that I have.
There are plenty of practical things to do, of course, but what is of more value to me are the intangibles.
I understand anxiety and powerlessness and fear and that sense of discombobulation and disorientation.
Emotions and the words to describe them that I felt in the first years following Chuck’s death.
Emotions that still zing through me. Often.
Then, as now, even though it in no way makes up for his physical presence…
I breathe in the Love that he had for me.
That I had for him.
That he left behind for me. 83514433_10216987422820953_3364656875512528896_n-300x223
That I carry with me every mile I drive, every breath I take.
And I scatter that Love like diamond dust, in every direction,
Sprinkling it on each person that I meet,
Or correspond with,
Or chat with on the phone,
Or message with on fb,
Or think of in my heart.
A Love as strong as Chuck had for me,
And I had for him,
And we had together,
Not only does not die…
It regenerates and regenerates and regenerates,
I know this to be true because I carry with me all of your Love, reflected in the names of your loved ones on my rig, and within each of the names is the Love they bore for you.35463486_10160564103795441_3146076613905481728_n-195x300
And each time I scatter it,
It recreates itself into an even stronger and more powerful force,
It is limitless and its’ depths are endless.
I guard it fiercely and I share it fiercely.
This is my power.
It’s my bodacious and audacious, dynamic and self perpetuating, immortal and boundless…super power.
And it is yours too~

3 thoughts on “Love in the Time of…This~

  1. Thanks for this beautiful testimony. I said a final physical good-bye to my darling dearest husband of 47+ years on last August 23. We had journeyed so many paths together, each starting our work in Catholic monasteries, me as a nun, he as a priest. Our lives together were based in our desire to support the other in their journey to God, whatever form that took. Mine took me to India 3x and together we ended his life in a small rural ashram in northern Arizona. HE is buried here. I live here, and everyday I get to visit the site of my own resting. Our moments of “objective” love, when we knew beyond doubt that LOVE lives beyond the body’s form, were the most important spiritual teachings of my life.
    I’ve written many books, and am so happy to meet you. I’m not on Facebook or any other social media, just because. But, such meetings as yours are most enriching. I love you. I love your work on behalf of others.
    I will send a small donation, but full of heart!
    Regina Sara Ryan

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